THE RAKE ( 2018 Izabella Miko ) Creature Feature Horror Movie Review

THE RAKE ( 2018 Izabella Miko ) Creature Feature Horror Movie Review

Siblings Ben and Ashley come together 20 years after the murder of their parents to determine the cause of their parents’ death. A link between the deaths and the local myth of The Rake is found. Ashley is troubled by the idea that the thing that took her parents’ lives may not be finished with her family.

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Jack Davids says:

I have to say I liked the movie quite a lot, there are moments of horrendous subpar acting but yet there were moments that made me feel for (or against) the characters so much, I liked the way they revealed information, I thought it was genius, it was natural, I think other movies should learn from the this movie how to reveal needed information, the problem is with the Rake, this would polarize moviegoers, I don't say that the creature is bad, far from it, it was scary to some level (I am desensitized after years of horror so I don't perceive the scares anymore) I say that this is not the Rake from the Creepypasta, or the Rake from the shorts, or the rake from the urban legends, it is a different monster with different life cycle so to say, other than that I don't have any major problems with the movie, but like you said it is forgettable yet it is fun.

Lisa Loves says:

Sounds interesting. i'll most probably check this one out.

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