The Obsession

The Obsession


Sandra coan says:

Dam I would have had too fight heard too get way from that nut job.

Breanna M says:

I wish there were subtitles! I'd love to know what they're saying

Anna Kushina says:

This makes me want to kill my self

Ms. Massacre says:

I think the fact he was willing to take his own life if she died meant that he mightv treated her like a gentelmen, besides the whole kidnapping her thing. Besides that part he mightv treated her correctly if she at least gave him a chance

Silver Blade says:

I cant understand a word their saying

Megan Hicks says:

I wouldn't mind dating him he's cute

Ganga Prakash says:

The guy's acting is just wonderful. But why did he kill her? I don't understand.

Marios Ksenakis says:

what a fail movie Xd

Alexis Bennett says:

This is creepy and that's why I hate creeps but hope they'll stop being creeps

QuackingMallard says:

How did I get here?
I was just watching Rick and Morty videos and now I’m here

Isabella Vazquez says:

This is bad acting wow

Regina Sefa says:

Is this real?

Layla Goody says:

Tell me why this girl kinda looks like Loren Gray

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