The New Death Note Movie is EMBARRASSING and OFFENSIVE

The New Death Note Movie is EMBARRASSING and OFFENSIVE

I don’t normally do reviews but since I’m in the new Death Note film i’ll tell you what I think about it.

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samantha prye says:

Thank you i hated the movie and only love the anime the acter did not deserve to be light after all light is zero thank you

Samuel Blankenburg says:

I cringed at the movie
It made me upset and I just didn't like it at all

Hanzo says:

It was like the creator was watching their kid watch DN on Netflix and was like "…I think I found my next paycheck. HONEY WE CAN PAY THE RENT THIS MONTH!" but then he remembered his wife left him so he fucked up the movie with only the memory of the plot revolving around a book that kills people.

John Evans says:

I subscribed because of your makeup and outfit.

AJ Muñoz says:

Not as an insult at all but I really miss his old head dress, so sick

apollojamz says:

ok but like it was also extremely americanized, like you said. and it was all whitewashed and was basically a white man going and trying to kill a black man

Kat says:

It is spoken Re-yook not fucking Ryeyook. Get it right.

Shannon G says:

I hated Light's characterization, beyond his reaction to meeting Ryuk for the first time. He may be book smart, but he doesn't have the same cunning and wit as the anime. He gets backed into a corner and just gives up, and is always relying on other people to bail him out. He kills someone who didn't deserve it, which was against the original Light's morals. But what pissed me off the most was the fact that he didn't even read all the rules, and just bitches about it every time something goes wrong because he was too stupid to sit down read everything. You have a notebook given to you by a supernatural being with the power to kill anyone you want, you're going to want to understand all the fucking rules and limitations before you use it and if you don't, be prepared for the consequences. Don't just whine and shout 'So many fucking rules!' every time something doesn't go your way.

choirkitty says:

Was very disappointed with this movie. I really wanted to like it, because I really enjoy the anime but this was just really poorly done

hetalia 1150 says:

Love the fact that you don't really like anime, but agree that it was not like the show. WHICH WAS FUCKING BETTER, AND THE ORIGINAL.

hetalia 1150 says:

Thank shit, someone agrees with me. THANK YOU OMGGGGG

Bxnd Txash says:

Yamasaki Kento played a great L in another adaptation. He got L's movements and personality like almost spot on

Sterling Vance says:

So you kids know,if you wanna talk about how you're pissed the actors aren't Japanese but all you speak about is how you're offended that L is Black…we see through your shit. You're just mad that your fave is Black. You aren't mad about the erasing of Japanese or white washing. Same ones talking this mess probably went to go see that awful ghost in a shell movie with scarjo and loved it.

Silverclaw Ria says:

There is a good Death Note movie, but it's not really death note, it's called "L changes the World" or something like that, it's really really good

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