The Nanny 2018 Horror/Sci-Fi/Thriller Cml Theater Movie Review

The Nanny 2018 Horror/Sci-Fi/Thriller Cml Theater Movie Review

The Nanny Directed By Joel Novoa & Written By Matthew Allen,Ed Dougherty & Marcel Sermiento.Cast Jamie Murray,Christian Ganiere,Jadin Harris,Schuyler Fisk,Nick Gomez,Nicholas Brendon,Bruce Bohne,Jennifer Marshall,Sandy Oiah-Thomas,Marie Del Marco,Elle Conventry,Robert Zachar,Kristina Guiffre,Emily Troedson And Chrispy Garlitz.Definitely Show Your Love And support To The Nanny Watch The Children.



pacara rahming says:

this movie had potential. should've been polished a bit more….

Lela Landry says:

Wait u didn't give it rating…. Wanted to see your thoughts on it before I watched it.


I shall watch it but not enjoy it great review.

The Horror! The Horror! says:

This one has gone under my radar, another movie to add to the watch list.

Jane Terri says:

I love your reviews man. it feels good to see a brother on here who has the same love for independent movies, especially independent horror movies like I do. you don't see a lot of us on YouTube, that does this independent movie thing; I respect that and that's appreciated. my only complaint is could you stop describing some scenes in detail as much because you spoil a lot of stuff. I know you don't mean to I swear, I know you don't mean to. it's just I find when I'm watching movies you review that I already know whats coming a mile away cuz I already heard you talk about it in your video.

Dylan Morris says:

Sounds good. Thanks CML.

Om śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ says:

Thank you so much

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