The Most Sadistic Serial Killer Carl Panzram

The Most Sadistic Serial Killer Carl Panzram

The Most Sadistic Serial Killer Carl Panzram
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CreepyNews says:

Be careful now, we got a madman over here!

Rafael Concepcion says:

just born bad.

John Smith says:

Raped over 1'000 men? If he started from about 20 and continued until his death that comes to 52 a year, or one a week. No doubt he raped a lot of people but that claim seems a bit ridiculous to me.

Kenneth Johansen says:

i feel sorry for him

No Name No Name says:

Your attempt to be creepy is adorable. I had to check the date which thid video was put out, I'm really surprised it was made this year. It sounds like a first draft video.

jensibowable says:

Shaker shaker. Hey! Partymaker!

Maddie Love says:

I can't watch this video your voice just makes me cringe

Lazar Gaming says:

Can someon send me Carl's Panzram's last words when he say i dont belive in human,god neither devil…?

Stevie Scott says:

Oh wow, he was so hot. Just kidding, lol. Now Creepy News is hot though.

HardTekBen says:

where is you accent from? Nederlands? Denmark?

Jack Da Money says:

Even back than the retarded human rights activists were trying to save mass murderers, they still defend serial killers. Sorry these people don't count as human, they deserve to be put down like rabid dogs.

mikel short says:

This dude was a real life joker exempt without the happiness. Was he born a monster or did the world make him into one

Utibs Akpabio says:

Monsters are born AND made.

DarkLord Awesome says:

seems like the original gg allin. btw do a video on gg allin

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