The Morbid Unsolved Case Of The Bear Brook Murders

The Morbid Unsolved Case Of The Bear Brook Murders

The Morbid Unsolved Case Of The Bear Brook Murders (wiki)
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Cool girl 123 says:

Poor babies.

theflywho says:

I might have played near the barrels as a kid. I know the guy was supposedly pinpointed for the crime, but I still look sideways at my parents.

dominick strain says:

I pray for them 🙁

DonutDude717 says:

How could the woman murdered in 1985 be the mother of one of the girls murdered in 2000, if the girl found was no older than nine?

Tokuijin says:

Frankly, I think whoever killed them was related and or had to have at least known them and the area, along with that their deaths were premeditated, considering the bodies were wrapped in plastic

Kate Williams says:

Maybe they were part of a religious cult, and escaped? Perhaps they were caught by other members. Very sad indeed.

Connor McDermott says:

I just went there last week and someone told me about it. ?

AmberNicole says:

This is so heartbreaking! :'(

Susan Angel says:

This case isn't going tho give me any sweet dreams.more like nightmares

Thimble Fox says:

I think the answer here lies with the one child that isn't related to the rest, if she's not related to the mom..then she must have been dad's (the main suspect) child from another woman or perhaps his niece or otherwise related in some way. That's where they will find an answer to this if they ever do. I would put money that the killer's DNA can be linked to one or more of the children.

Ronisha Cunningham says:

Maybe her husband/boyfriend got tied up in some type of mafia or cartel and he owed money so he fled and they couldn't find him so they went after the girls instead hence bodies being found in barrels

scooter says:

women murdered or disappeared up the ass geeez, get your shit together girls

barbara chase says:

I wonder if they put these picture on any reservations because I was married to a Sioux and they never hear anything there most are to poor for computers I bet someone wound know who they are if they sent them to rez police to put up I really think then someone would know who they are I really do.

carolyn says:

Great share. Thank you xos

Erik Avendano says:

My wife and I love your channel! Can you please do a story on- Las Cruces, New Mexico Bowling alley massacre 1990, Oklahoma Girl Scout murders 1977, San Ysidro California McDonalds massacre 1984. Thankyou.

Katherine Blue says:

love your chanel! 🙂

Alejandra Ramirez says:

I can't imagine the fear these girls went through. it's breaks my heart. may they rest in peace. ?

LaWanda Bell says:

You speak English very well, but than I do and that's my first language. I actually thought it was yours as well, until you mentioned otherwise.

aranha lola says:

can you please do a story on serial killer Henry Lee Lucas?!

Flowersfor Princess says:

Wonderful Video as usual,
Such a sad and mysterious case though wowzer!

sherry lee says:

wouldn't a paternal relationship between the kids?

X1 Gen KaneshiroX says:

Could you do a video please of what happened to Hannah Graham, I know she was dead and disappeared but there is a huge mystery of it but the murderer may not be found in the investigation of Hannah Graham, tell me more.

Andrea Craske says:

It's disturbing to think we could die and no one or nothing can identify us.
School friends /teachers ? Family.. neighbours…doctors/dentists ?
Like what the hell :(((

Despite All My Rage says:

I'm so glad you did this case. I grew up in the same neighborhood where they were found. Surprisingly, I never heard about it until 2000 when the 2nd set of bodies were found.
It's weird to know that I could have possibly seen some of them before, or even the killer.

I can say that that neighborhood is out of the way and whoever did this would've had to know the area.
Sadly, I don't think they will ever solve it.
Thanks for posting!

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