The Morbid Case Of Arroyo Grande Jane Doe

The Morbid Case Of Arroyo Grande Jane Doe

The Morbid Case Of Arroyo Grande Jane Doe (wiki)
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joy stoodley says:

she looks like the other story Morgan Nick

Antonio Jusino says:

It sad that no body come to help

M LT says:

As much as I'd like to watch this video, I really can't stand your voice and you inflect in all the wrong places. Sorry mate ?

Natasha Johnson says:

The first picture reminds me of buckskin girl like they could be sisters. Maybe they should DNA test it and see if they are they probably both flee their family and went different ways and both got killed.

Dr Nathan House says:

Are you really sure she was still alive when she saw the dentist….?

Cool girl 123 says:

What a tragic and sad case may this girl Rest In Peace and I wish she was identified.

Mariah Cawvey says:

I used to live there. Though this happened before I was even born, still scary!

shannon Calow says:

the guys voice is creepy

Glenise Hodges says:

God bless you sir and your Channel for having the loving heart to do what you do for those who cannot speak for themselves if I may suggest something maybe a lot of unidentified people were younger when they were missing I just think that you guys should go back two missing babies compare some of those pictures it's just a gut feeling

LodiTX says:

There might be more than one place called Arroyo Grande (I googled it and found one in CA.) and although you mention the University of North Texas doing the DNA testing I know they do testing on a lot of cases nationwide, so it would help if you identify the state at the beginning just to be sure. Because this case is so old I suggest readers here think about any family stories of people who disappeared: an aunt, a cousin, whoever, because this might be her and a few questions might identify her. In 1910, before my mother was born, an uncle of hers who was only 20-21, got on a train in San Francisco where he had been visiting an older brother, bound for Santa Barbara to visit other relatives and was never seen again. I grew up hearing about that uncle and the mystery that will never be solved. Perhaps he was a John Doe somewhere.

Mildred Colburn says:

you think this is joke if you dont have anything better to do i will report you

Corin Parcells says:

I lived on Arroyo Grande in Henderson NV.

SGRev1 says:

The fact that someone would do this to a girl so beautiful pisses me off so much.

Honey Bee86 says:

Facial reconstruction??? What happened to her face? If they found her body the day after she was killed, couldn't they take pictures of it???

Kevin K. says:

This unidentified person was found 10mins from where I currently live.

rabindranathtagore57 says:

+CreepyNews : you keep wondering why it seems that no relatives seem to care enough to come forward in such heart-breaking cases. First, remember that too many cold cases are decades-old. Alas, often, parents of these victims have passed away, and if not, are not computer savvy and/or just don't know how to make an internet search. There are other factors at work. For instance, too many of all these missing persons or UID decedents (young or adults) were already estranged from their next-of-kin (dysfunctional, abusive families, etc) when they went missing. Many were chronic runaways and back then, if such was the case, too many police officers refused to take a missing report and/or their legal guardian(s) didn't even bother to file a missing report in the first place. There are also all those who feel "embarassed", "ashamed" or "dishonored" because their missing loved one was an addict (alcohol, drugs, pills, gambling), was suffering from a mental illness, was a prostitute, some kind of criminal…or even simply gay or a woman – in some cultures – who just wanted a different life for herself! And, of course, IF the family is involved in the disappearance, they won't be in a hurry to report the person as missing. Even today, if an ADULT goes missing and that the authorities do not suspect foul play or fear suicide, a possibly fatal illness or an accident, some officers will flatly refuse to take a missing report, for it is NOT against ANY law to disappear on your own volition as long as you're not underage anymore. So as you see, it's not as simple as it seems… 🙁

metasymplocos says:

I understand the sentiments but to take your wife and make a pilgrimage to the site of where you found a body is kind of creepy … ?

Alan Mcinnes says:

all murders are senseless and tragic.

Sandy K says:

BOY HOWDY, you sure "DIG UP" some pretty obscure cases!! Happy "BarK-DAY" Ranil!!!

Lori Miller says:

Its all about family. If you have a good one there are people to care for you. If you are alone and something happens, well you're on your own. Nowadays you don't know your neighbour and you don't care unless they're causing a problem. Everyone should have someone to care about them, even being a regular somewhere.

Kerri Crook says:

Happy birthday Ranil!!!! I love your channel keep up the good work!!!

LaWanda Bell says:

great job on round 2 of evil idol and congratulations and good luck on round 3

winfan1978 says:

She might even be a foreigner who disappeared? dunno just a thought. You are awesome Ranil for doing these videos to help. Keep it up I'm all for it 🙂

99fruitbat says:

35 years ago and still unknown….how sad.

Slowidash Achoo says:

Amateur tattoo…another Doe…something continues to bother me more and more about this stuff. Knowing that human trafficking exists, exactly how big is that market in a place like the United States? People potentially raised, sold, kept like animals. I feel weird, like at least in a few cases the family knows exactly what happened but doesn't come forward because they were involved and want it to continue being a jane/john doe. If the person was kept away from society, and the family was involved, it would be easy enough to make that person disappear, and then simply not file a report and not come forward. if there ever is a report. And that's how I get to my fears about this stuff: how many people out there aren't cared for by anyone, so off the grid nobody notices if they disappear, if they are sold or killed.

I like to think this stuff doesn't happen as often as it does. It's a wake up call to just how many sick people there are.

Renato Laranja says:

the deserts of the southwest are full of bodies of ppl that will probably never be identified..

Renato Laranja says:

possible she cld be an illegal alien.

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