The Mimic 장산범 (2017) – Korean Movie Review

The Mimic 장산범 (2017) – Korean Movie Review

A woman takes in a young girl she finds near Mt. Jang – a mysterious mountain where there appears to have existed a mythical creature which mimics the voices of humans.

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NightLight says:

from the same who made train to busan, that movie was very good

Aileen Dela cruz says:

agree with you on the ending. didnt like it too. wished they focused on the daughter

Aileen Dela cruz says:

it's her mother in law

Chr Tatti says:


Angsar Yermankhan says:

This movie is really scary,this movie is one of the most horrific movie I ever seen.

Azlan Wake says:

Thanks for the review!!!, I'm new to your channel

Soe Ricky says:

I watched this movie the other day and I'd say I'll watch it again. I agree with the ending part. It was a very good movie but the ending was very weak. I believe the script and writer is to blame. If the ending is more complex or at least has a twist to it, it could easily be on par with The wailing. The sound design, special and visual effect are a masterpiece. 7/10.

JPMorris says:

Great review as always. I'm looking forward to seeing it, hoping to have time Monday. Shame to hear about the ending though :/

Monty Datta says:

ANy other Crime/Thriller/Mystery films to check out from this year so far?

Che Che says:

The ending must be really really bad. Regardless i'm going watch this movie

Luca Maldini says:

Corrie i love your reviews but, and maybe is just me, i think you go a little too much into plot sometimes. Like you explained a lot more than just like a premise. Although i also understand that this way might get more people to watch it. I dont know, maybe it is just me. Looking forward to this one, sounds interesting

Foreign Film Fanatic says:

I've always said that I'd rather watch a good movie with a bad ending, than a bad movie

Rohit Kumar says:

Child actors of Korea are really amazing. I hope they are treated well at sets because I have heard countless stories of kid actors facing poor behavior by studios.

Eugene Asuncion says:

pls review IT 2017 I heard its good

심형진 says:

That myth is made after 2000:D not real myth haha

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