The Meg – Movie Review

The Meg – Movie Review

We’ve seen a shark kill people, we’ve seen multiple sharks kill people, but have we seen a GIANT shark (Megalodon) kill people!?…well…probably, but here’s my review of THE MEG!



Jesus Blanco says:

Only came here for the Jason statham impression

Happee Birthdae says:

Shut up Meg.

Stephan Mckinnie says:

2:53 next time can you please say IF I WAS GAY 😂😂😂

Hector Arredondo says:

I got a The Meg ad before the video coincidence i think not

gamingsfinest1 says:

Wow. That like to dislike ratio is impressive

Brian McDonnell says:

I'm gonna guess "Not Gonna Remember in T-minus…."
I was wrong…

Linus2014Cougar says:


MoeUknow says:

Have any of y'all seen Killer Beach. It's hilariously atrocious.

Purefoldnz says:

Jason Statham plays Jason Statham in every film.

Michael Jensen says:

We’re gonna need a better movie

Edwin Rivera says:

Jaws is by far the best shark movie ⛵️🦈

Adam Kay says:

I'm certain Family Guy is going to make a parody of this.

Collin Wagnon says:

I’m seeing it with a friend this Friday it looks ok, but I think I’ll enjoy it if I can laugh at its cheesiness with a friend👍 great video as always keep up the great content.👍

Preston Garvey says:

You contradicted yourself the whole review. "The meg realizes what it is" " It tries to take its self too seriously"

Randomfools says:

About what I expected. No thanks to seeing it in theaters.

Levi Pittman says:

Dude sharks are scary af without them being as big as a skyscraper

bill bixby says:

Jaws and Alligator 1980.

PureRoyalNative says:

The whole time I watched this I was just staring at your neck. Interesting shirt you have there!

Prince Trumz says:

Am i the only one that likes a movie with a drunk ratings

TheMarionick says:

Shut up, Meg!

Jasper Sevilla says:

the meg yeah that was a party!

Coleman Trebor says:

Is it better than skyscraper

BrokenLegionOfGamers says:

Thanks. Now I wanna watch Happy Gilmore.

brandon smith says:

If nobody yells “SHUT UP MEG!” before somehow squishing the fuckers head or clamping together the giant jaws..I’ll be very disappointed

Nino Gaggi says:

sharks are ruthless mf's

Ian Moone says:

Deep Blue Sea and Jaws

An0nym0usPLAYZ 3 says:

I would really like to see a meg in spongebob.

mjstory1976 says:

So disappointed that this movie wasn't better

BlueBerry Cracker says:

he got that accent perfect. 0:01

CrazyAlex 18 says:

Rampage was awesome!!! Fight me

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