The Master | P.T. Anderson Movie Review

The Master | P.T. Anderson Movie Review

Paul Thomas Anderson’s newest opus is an uncompromising journey into the mind of The Master.

With stellar performances by Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman, the new film from the director of Magnolia and There Will Be Blood examines a man who creates a religion similar to Scientology, and the lost soul who follows him. Dan, Jeff, and Alex travel to a Scientology center in LA to try to explain the experience of seeing The Master.


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Thomas Giles says:

Just saw this film, and had to come back to TRS to remember what my old friends said about it. RIP TRS /wipes a tear/

all123isgreat says:

i would compare radiohead to pta. hard eight is like pablo honey, boggie nights is like the bends, magnolia is ok computer, and then we have there will be blood as kid a and the master as amnesiac.

Nick L says:

all 70mm films are shot on 65. theyre expanded to 70 for the audio strips on the side. and thanks for the heads up on the daily show!

William Devin Masters says:

Fellas, please do some research and get some of the facts about the film before you record a video like this. Thom Yorke? Really? I'm dying here! It was not shot ALL on 70mm. A lot of it was shot on 65mm, then presented in a 70mm format. On a good note, "mesmerizing", indeed! Be sure to check out PTA on the daily show with Jon Stewart!

Edgar Patlan says:

OMG T2 was the first movie to cross my mind!! BEST ACTION MOVIE EVER MADE!

ArjBunnell says:

Yay! The guys did my twitter question!

123rockfan says:

Loved this movie, amazing on almost every level. Unsurprisingly there were 10-15 walkouts in my theater, and during the credits there was an audible groan and sigh by almost everyone

Matt Winger says:

Joaquin Phoenix's character reminded me very much of Adam Sandler's Barry Egen from Punch Drunk Love — which is my favorite PTA film — with The Master and There Will Be Blood coming in at a close second!

Mobley Hernandez says:

lmfao guys jonny greenwood did the score. NOT Thom York.

SuperLocrian77 says:

Jeff, check out a film called "Martha Marcy May Marlene." Probably the best movie I've ever seen regarding how brutal the psychological brainwashing effects are in a cult, and how a cult would realistically operate.

popou says:

Saw "The Master" at TIFF12 and it was amazing! Can't wait to see it again

thePANDEMlC says:

Alex is wearing 16 year old girl glasses.

Happy Noodle Boy says:

$cientology kills

Candy Rendon says:

i know…i thought we gonna do it, but, alas, he did not

2nd3rd1st says:

…Is non. You used the word where it does not apply. But even if it were, the fact that they consciously chose to film there and actually point that out would have destroyed any purpose your wrong definition of Irony would have had.

Tyler H says:

He forgot Punch Drunk Love!

Franchesco Ramos says:

PT Anderson really hate the film being linked to Scientology. He's come out saying he can't believe that he's now protecting Scientology because of it.

DamnFineCupOfCoffee says:

Jonny Greenwood, not Thom Yorke 😉

rdskn4eva says:

HAHA, you guys are filming down the street from where I live.

mylifeintheknifetrade says:

Going to see this Saturday. Can't wait.

Rahul Malik says:

Can you tell me what is so ironic about that?

TheOurVids says:

The irony of reviewing this movie in front of a Scientology building.

Cosmic says:

I have a hard time watching Joaquin Phoenix in anything after that I'm quitting acting to become a rapper crap he and Casey Affleck tried to pull to promote their mockumentary.

allwayzrushin says:

3:16 tall brunette in yellow walks by. Dan and Jeff both couldn't help but check her out ( I don't blame them). The fact that Jeff couldn't even hide it in sun glasses if funny as hell Alex didn't look only because his back was turned to her. You guys are great.

zodiac1B1 says:

not thom yorke but johnny greenwood

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