The Lucid Nightmare – The Twilight People Review

The Lucid Nightmare – The Twilight People Review

Here’s my review for the weird and wild science fiction fantasy adventure flick, The Twilight People!



Robert Alan Bryan says:

mixed feelings… The Twilight People looks like cheap silly fun. I've never seen it; hell, I've never heard of it until this review (A Good One, as always). Not sure if i will find this on DVD or someday buy the Blu. Thanks for sharing.

Aaron Abbott says:

Batshit crazy! Lol!

Aaron Abbott says:

So great to see a new review! Looks like a fun film!

V H S says:

Welcome back bro!!!

HateHater says:

Oh, Yeah!! I've GOT to check this one out! Thank You for the review!

Frank Schneider says:

Just knew the title, but have never seen this. This thing looks awfully cheap, cheesy and ineptly produced, directed and played. I'll certainly check it out. Thanks for the tip.

cglen66 says:

Wow! I can’t believe you’re reviewing this. I had nightmares about this movie as a child. I remember being in the top bunk and dreaming the bat man was flying at me. It was 40 years before I found out what the title of the movie was. My parents had taken me and my little brother with them to the drive in in the 70s. We were supposed to be asleep in the back of the station wagon….

Great review! Thanks!!!!

Dreamcastknight says:

Welcome back.
Btw yes I can dig it! Lol

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