The Live Action BLEACH Movie was DOPE!!!! Must See for Bleach fans!

The Live Action BLEACH Movie was DOPE!!!! Must See for Bleach fans!

I really hope this gets the recognition it deserves!

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Syahrul Kaburagi says:

Kon have or not at this movie

Damante Jones says:

Man you must not have seen the Kenshin movies.

William McClure says:

I have seen some Japanese movies with sword fights and I would say what I have seen on the previews of bleach I'd say the sword fights would comes close to what I've seen

Shakera Helm says:

I heard the cgi for the movie was dope! And it’ll be a movie sequel. Some other youtubers said there was a logo at the end stating “Bleach:Agent Shinigami Arc” so I’m excited! Glad to hear it’s doing awesome!

Kashikija Tshimanga says:

Bruh I wanna see Kenpachi and Hitsugaya😍😍🔥🔥🔥

Kashikija Tshimanga says:

Bro when will it be released for the rest of the world? 😭😭😭

Txu Zai says:

Blade of the Immortal = best anime movie
Do check it out doods

Devil Slayer BanKai says:

nah best Live Action movie should be gintama

Kristopher Alonge says:


Brent Waters says:

I wonder how good were orihime and chad were in the movie

David K Williams III says:

How was Ichigo's relationship with his dad? That's my biggest concern and question. That was my absolute favorite thing about the anime.

Xauzadrian Mackey says:

you made me so proud and hyped. this movie may change the future of anime live action movies thank you

Xauzadrian Mackey says:

at first I was having a lot of doubt but now hearing you say it was good made me actually pretty hyped

michael ozuna says:

I'm happy to hear the film is good. I live bleach. Do you know when we are going to get it state side??

Sir Parker says:

But is it better than Dragon Ball Evolution?

Kartikey Dos Santos says:

When will be English dubbed version will come?

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