The Land Before Time – Movie Review

The Land Before Time – Movie Review

I couldn’t bring this review out on the 18th, because there was a power outage at my place. Better late than never.

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TimeLordMaster108 says:

This was a well done review LBT Squad, Although personally I find the first movie to be a bit overrated and I actualy prefer a lot of the sequals.
My main problems with the original is that it takes itself way to seriously at times and there isn't enough comedy, Sharptooth barley has any character as a villain and I find Peatrie and Ducky's original voices to be unbearable, Peatrie sounds like a grown Adult trying desperately to imitate a kid and Ducky sounds way to fake with that cutsie wootsie filter to her voice, I much prefer Aria Noel Curzon and Jeff Bennet.
Overall a very good review

Land Before Time 75 says:

I love The Land Before Time and Dinosaur 2000 they are both good dinosaur movies.

Rye Callan says:

Nice review. Every time I watch this movie, I'm always crying. I'm sure you understand, right?

Gabriele E Gli Shadowbolts says:

The Land Before Time The World Of Seaquestria

JurassicHero 3 says:

What is Littlefoot's mother, an Earth angel? As a dinosaur.

JurassicHero 3 says:

In one scene of the land before time, when Littlefoot's mother dies of injury from a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a massive earthquake, it makes me cry.

elsa1942 says:

The only post-1989 Don Bluth film I've seen is Anastasia, and I'm glad for that. Changed my life forever. The Romanovs were a beautiful family…

Nerdy Birb says:

I love this movie and the sequel. And of course the 'copies". (I saw Dinosaur as a kid much before The Land Before Time)

Mario De Martino says:

Cera's name spelling means "wax" in my language, and its pronounciation means "evening". Voice acting directors in the country decided to change the name into "Tricky" (from TRICeratops)… I'm crying

the electric knight says:

it took me a long time to realize how dark and sad land before time was XD

silverdaleks1 says:

Yeah I too find it kinda sad we never find out what happened to Cera's mum and 3 sisters.. And in the sequels Ducky's dad disappears, we never see Petrie's dad at all, and God only knows what happened to Spikes real parents…

mikey1393 drago says:

Thanks for using my review in ur vid Alex, but one question. Was the cherry joke meant to be a dirty joke?

ernietheretrokid says:

Great Review of a Classic Movie!

bryanbutler93 says:

Great review man

bryanbutler93 says:

My review on The Great Valley AdventureB+ Though this movie is not as serious as the original I still find this sequel to be amazing. It was the fist movie that my favorite character Chomper appeared in. Also the songs aren't that bad but also not that great with the exception of Eggs. Basically a great movie for kids and adults alike

Director krennic says:

For my full review, I'd give it an A now that I think of it, and the first would be an A+. On track again, this is a rough one to review. (Mostly bc of mixed opinions) this one was my favorate as a little kid. Chomper is a welcomed addition( more on him later). There journey to the mysterious beyond is a interesting one, and the egg stealers and plot are fun, I think the bet part is chomper. Overall, a great flick.

Daniel Ritchie says:

The Great Valley Adventure is a hard one to review. At the time, the only thing we could judge it by was the original. Now, in hind site, we remember Chomper fondly as part of the lore. At the time, it felt like a strange tangent, and not we feel nostalgia. The animation is dated, but the pacing is layed back and there's not so huge an odyssey, so much as friends adjusting to a new life.

Daniel Ritchie says:

Thanks for the review.

Noa Nibbelink says:

I thought the 2nd movie was great, although it was a little underwhelming for a direct sequel. The soundtrack is amazing (as always), it still has that earthy feel in the animation and the new characters introduced are pretty memorable in my mind. The only main problem I have with this movie is the fact that the gang is treated more like children. Still and awesome movie so I'll give it an A-

Director krennic says:

For my review of the great valley adventure, my overall grade would be an A-.only because of its lack of depth.(end of my review) while ozie and strut are my favorite villan duo,and the intro of the mysterious beyond is mysterious and its kinda scary landscape,another reason this and the other sequals fall short, is because 1. The smocky mountians are so close to the vally because 2. You can tell where you are when you are in the dark places in the mb, and 3. Why is it even called the mysterious beyond if they lived in the area for there whole lives? Even the 5th movie says something along the lines of we have all survived in the mb, so we can do it again.

Director krennic says:

I'm pretty much the news person in the squad

The LBT Squad says:

1:20 A glitch in the editing happened there.

Kristi Karraker says:

Great review! I always loved the first movie but also found it a bit too sad. The second movie, the Great Valley Adventure, was aimed much younger but it was still nice. I think I'd give the second one a B-.

Director krennic says:

Awesome review and here are some more news: we're back a dinosaur story is on blu ray and apparently has a "special look" at journey of the brave.i didn't buy it only because I've never even seen it before.and apparently it has a different color background that looks more wood like for some reason. All the news for today and my review of number 2 will be commented shortly.

Michael Gunnels says:

For the sequal i must say its definitely a welcomed sequel minus the fact that many thought the songs were added in to add more family friendly aspects I really didn't mind them. Also chomper was introduced into the movie which would interm make two more appearances like the 5th movie and the recent movie comming out and the Tv series i must say it sets his character up a little. The one downside i must say is two things for me that is one was the villans being Ozzy and Strut aside the first half of the movie they felt more of a nuscense than villans to me did enjoy the eggs song though. The other downside is how much the gang of five is treated more and more like kids i mean they journeyed to the great valley themselves.
Nit picks aside i must say its still a good movie i give it an A

Michael Gunnels says:

Also i still have the sing along songs well the first one that is

Michael Gunnels says:

Still to this day the death of his mother and the end of the battle at the pond end results that is before the reveal of the great valley as it hits me hard

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