The Hurricane Heist – Movie Review

The Hurricane Heist – Movie Review

Die Hard meets a disaster movie, more specifically a hurricane. Here’s my review of THE HURRICANE HEIST!

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Sylvanus Nsumba says:

Why’d you review this movie and not Den of Thieves?

anthonyj1966 says:

So is this like Hard Rain or more like Reindeer Games

Maiky Nation says:

is that a Legacy of Kain shirrttt???

Sean Wilson says:

southern accent I still loves me a good Maggie Grace film, no matter the quality of it. (I still got that Malice in Wonderland that she was in. even though the plot mindfucked me with a stick ?)

Goth Lyfe says:

Happy Death Day is my newest guilty pleasure.

Peter Eldred says:

The Purge Movies :3

AholeAtheist says:

Wait.. What?.. Deathproof doesn't really have a very abrupt ending?..

JesusSavedJoshua says:

I just saw this movie with my stepson and we loved it it was fun time at the movies

DJ says:

When Jeremy did the southern accent, I couldn't stop laughing. Love how he can make me laugh while keeping me informed.

Marco Williams says:

That impression had me ?

Dragos Mihai says:

Was he drunk? He seems kind of drunk to me

IAmTheAg says:

Are you sure its more abrupt of an ending than monty python and the holy grail?

Mike Walton says:

Jeremy has an android. DOPE

Oliver Wade says:

Pacific rim is mine


Sounds like hard rain.

delon a says:

Towering Inferno!!

LuchaKing says:

Looks so cringe the movie. Lol he mentioned death proof. It was on the ifc channel today

Alex Markivich says:

Says "This video is not available." The fuck?

GrayFox370 says:

That Quake t-shirt though.

wayner396 says:

I figured out what the rating going to be in the first minute of the video as Jeremy was obviously pretty sloshed. At least he lives by his rating system

FestArc says:

This movie was pure dumb fun. I loved it. Reminded me of the 90s film 'Hard Rain' but a Hurricane instead of a flood.

john healy says:

The hurricane heist is my favorite gulity pleaser

Robert Laminsky says:

Guilty pleasure movie: Flash Gordon/ Big Trouble in little china

S says:

Someone finally understands that Toby K's agent is a drunk

Azia Willis says:

Guilty pleasures are Tomb Raider (the one with Angelina Jolie) and The Mummy (the good one, with Brendan Fraser)

TheDuckClock says:

To anyone who’s seen this movie, please tell me how the hell these guys planned to pull off a heist of a high security government facility while a hurricane is taking place.
Normally when a hurricane forms the population has less than a week to prepare. I highly doubt hey could prep a heist in that sort of timeframe

Yudi Bonavero says:

The 2 fantastic four movies are my guilty pleasures

Jess Toriati says:

Toby Kebbel for the sake of your own career, get a better agent! It's like watching a decent kid actor in a school play. It hurts and it's sad.

Yellow Flash004 says:

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