The Howling – Horror Movie Review Guy | Vid 11 | (HMRG Oldies)

The Howling – Horror Movie Review Guy | Vid 11 | (HMRG Oldies)


Karen white a reporter tries to help police catch a serial killer. That experience brings her to a place called the colony with her husband. She is unaware that all who reside there are Werewolves. A short review and recap of the film through my eyes. If you like this check out my other reviews.
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darhem1 says:

A summary is not a review.

Brian Brooklyn says:

Love this movie

Tren979797 says:

One of my favorite Horror movies of all time

Dashan says:

trying to watch but can't handle the audio pops. 🙁

David Imrie says:

I saw this in the theatre when I was 13 and my friend kept whispering Terry!! behind the bushes and it was creepy especially in the scene where Terry cuts the werewolf's arm off.

Dr VR says:

Good old Dick Miller.He stands out in every movie he has done even the small roles like this one!

Horror Show Entertainment says:

Can you please review Wolfen… also, I'm a big fan of your channel 🙂

chadergeist82 says:

Intimate with Sam???? His name is Bill.

peter krug says:

God, I miss the days when movies about werewolves and vampires were actually scary and not done as teen romance and kids films with monsters.

Brandon Derive says:

Cars not starting everywhere.
What is this,Russia?!?!?

Joker and Harley 666 says:

I like An American werewolf in Landon transformation more.

ConsumerofCombustion says:

I've been to that bookstore, it's on Hollywood blvd. or at least used to be, and it looked a lot like that, tho they did have to do a few tweaks 🙂

THEremiXFACTOR says:

He was just referring to your dig at Twilight

EvilNecroid says:

she needs to watch more horror movies then lol

togotfury says:

"Why do people go outside looking for what they hear?"

My mother does this all the time at night. Drives me and dad crazy because we're worried something will happen to her. Don't know what she's thinking

Ralph Rogers says:

Bro, you got like 3.000 subs. Can you purchase a pop filter?

Sarah Grigg says:

even though never watch this movie it looks pretty good.

LyricalMasterMind1 says:

This one wasn't bad I was impress by the Special Effects, It was sure better then the Sequel tho.

Scott Johanson says:

The Howling, American Werewolf In London both top notch and my favorite, Silver Bullet very underrated. Silver Bullet was the best with a happy ending (don't see many happy endings in horror movies), with gore and don't forget the scene stealing Gary Busey!

cohenhaywood10 says:

Just realised, you were quoting the guy, sorry about the misunderstanding on my part.

cohenhaywood10 says:

I would say that this film is far from "Teenie bopper crap", how is this anything like the "Scream" films?.

cohenhaywood10 says:

I watched this as a child, big mistake, It actually terrified me, really creepy, unsettling atmosphere throughout the film. I think it was the fact that it was a "real man", and not CGI that made it more scary as well.

HEYDuDE607 says:

American werewolf in Landon was still my favorite transformation

SoveriegnPrime says:

Could you do a review of StepMonster?? I love that movie.

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