The Howl movie review UW+R

The Howl movie review UW+R

Tinto Brass sure is a fucked up guy. Watch this movie with me and you’ll see what a mean!



creed spencer says:

Name of my new band: POOL NOODLE! Yeah Mafackies!Dudeman,YOU RULE!

Meltedspoonz says:

You should do mdpope

Benjamin Liska says:

This has become my 'happy' channel. When the world gets too depressing (which is a lot these days), I come here now. I always feel better after some UW+R.

Ware Network 2000 says:

Another fantastic review of a banned movie. I also wanted to tell you that I finally got Beetle Uncensored. I got it on the internet for free. After a long time of searching through the deepest parts of Google, I found Beetle Uncensored on this extremely obscure website split into four RAR archives, which I downloaded to my computer and extracted to my hard drive.

William Mckenzie says:

Great to have you back man!

Made To Be Gray Productions says:

I've never been dissatisfied with a video from you, man. This is going on my list pronto.

Jesse Yancey says:

love the new UW+R art.

Damian Thomas says:

I've got this T shirt from when I was little that has a monkey on it. It's tight, but it's now my new beastiality watching shirt!

TheMoogleMaster says:

The way you describe this movie makes it sound like an Jodorowsky movie.

May I Trigger You? says:

Thanks for shedding light on another obscure film! I can always guess your rating.

WashDog says:

Love the details in this episode. He suddenly put on his "bestiality shirt" at the swan scene

TheGlitched64Reads says:

Oh wait this was made by the same guy who made Caligula? Ok this is gonna be interesting.
Also good lord swans never get away easy on this show do they? XD

Joey Scarberry says:

Great review! I wan't to see this one particularly bad now. As always, love ya man!

Obo says:

I don't even watch movies but your videos are the best.

No TV Cinema says:

Have you seen the Conrad Rook movie Chappaqua? It's a pretty strange movie. At least I think it is. It's been over 10 years since I've seen it.

Tristan Goding says:

Yay! You still have the bestiality shirt that I love so much! Haha

I love this film. Reminded me quite a bit of SWEET MOVIE. Like, if Arrabal directed it.

James Ozz says:

Thanks for the suggestion, friend!

Mrs Bunnyrabbit says:

That resignation when we found out what was in the box! Xxx I don’t care how many times I say it, you’re adorable Xxx

Sui Generis says:

I literally laughed at something new every 15 seconds. Seriously my favorite YouTuber I can’t wait to see , and the RARE rewatch ability puts UBWAR up there with redlettermedia for me. Is there a patreon somewhere? This channel will blow up someday, right now I love having this secret source of funny and turning people on to it.

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