THE HOSPITAL ( 2013 ) Horror Movie Review

THE HOSPITAL ( 2013 ) Horror Movie Review

Old St. Leopold’s Hospital has many urban legends surrounding it, but the residents of Bridgeport all agree on one thing: tortured souls roam its abandoned halls. The mystery proves too much for a pretty young student who decides to investigate for her senior class project. Unfortunately, she does not find ghosts. She, instead, finds Stanley… serial rapist, murderer, and psychopath. As the young girl becomes Stanley’s new pet, a team of young investigators descend on the hospital to “hunt some ghosts.” Stanley sees nothing but fun and games in his future. But, what Stanley does not know is that the hospital truly is haunted and the restless spirits there are not happy with what he has been doing.

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Yeah for sure this sounds pretty bad.

wolf says:

this movie is shit.

Coreycc says:

The version that was released over here in the UK was butchered by nearly 20 minutes!

Hector Potnoodle says:

The budget was $10,000 not £100,000 as quoted, which makes it simple to see why it was so badly made.

HorrorGal says:

Ok, I'm so so SO glad I didn't see (or even hear) of this movie, because I would have probably been so offended by it I would have thrown up – and I've seen some bad films, but this ….seriously? Even the stills you put up showed what a horrible movie this must be! Sorry you wasted 2 hours of your life for this one, but on behalf of everyone else in society…thank you for saving 2 hours of ours so we don't go see this LOL

Sjoori says:

Amen to your review! Worst. Movie. Ever. I felt angry after watching it. So so angry. I wish I could forget all about it and get my time back I spent watching on this horseshit. I've seen some pretty bad movies, but this? This was beyond terrible.

dirtyjew1974 says:

I've worked with Jim o'rear on set. I'm not that crazy about him. Can't say I dislike him but you know. Haven't seen this one. I do like bad movies but sometimes the bad ones just work but when they don't they REALLY don't.

SuperCassie33 says:

Oh my god. I wish I had seen your review before! I just finished the movie, I tried watching it once before and stopped during the first rape scene. I thought, maybe it would be better a second time all the way through. WRONG!
It is so depraved and there is so much violence against women with such an emphasis on it too! The writer must have had some deep rooted mommy issues or something!
The effects made it so freaking cheap!

Must have been a student film gone viral or something.

Adam saint says:

This film sucked

Zana Nzar says:

oh thank u man , i was about to waste my time on this movie 
if it wasnt for ur review thanks mate 😉

maikel Van der graaff says:

Kanker vent

alex ives says:

this filmed has started to be banned evry wear???

kenya sanford says:

So funny I found this cuz i just emailed my interest in auditioning for part 2

Toto Guy says:

thanks for this i wont be watching this one now 

Alterjunkie says:

Bad is putting it mildly. Why would anyone waste money on garbage like this

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