The Hitcher (2007) Movie Review

The Hitcher (2007) Movie Review

The Hitcher (2007) Movie Review

On a rainy evening on a lonely stretch of road, a young couple pick up a mysterious hitchhiker. While he is a little strange, the couple dont think anything of it, until he shows his true colours by taking them hostage and putting them through a sadistic game. When the husband gets an opportunity to push the stranger out of the car, he does so, but not willing to give up so easy, the stranger pursues them on the lonely stretch of highway, turning everybody’s evening into a battle for survival!



Rick Thacker says:

Great review once again!! I wonder if you have evet scene Identity and if so what are your thoughts on that film. It has John Cusak in the movie and I loved the twists and turns. It is one of my all time favorites

J z says:

thanks as always, keep it up, I like your authentic video's, don't go big budget on us, you can tell when someone enjoys talking about something there's no edits because it naturally flows!

LeastLikedCritic75 says:

good review

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