The Heartbreaking True Story Of Vitaly Kaloyev (Inspiration for the movie Aftermath 2017)

The Heartbreaking True Story Of Vitaly Kaloyev (Inspiration for the movie Aftermath 2017)

The Heartbreaking True Story Of Vitaly Kaloyev (Inspiration for the movie Aftermath 2017)
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Ghost Rider says:

I got a checkers ad I'mma be watching this while eating my large 1 Dolla French fries


I've seen the movie 'Aftermath' and still struggle to understand how the guy was allowed to become part of the search party and let onto the crash site so very soon after it happened (ie one of THE first people on site). The movie shows that he pretends to be someone else…but surely security in such an incident would prevent this from occurring. I honestly think that finding and witnessing his family in that way was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Sheila Riley says:

My heart breaks for this man's loss.   I can understand why he did it.  This is pure love for his family and that weighs a lot.  This really affected me  I don't blame him and he NEVER should have spent a DAY in prison.  No one wins in this. Bless him, and I hope he has some peace.

Ken Rose says:

There is NO EXCUSE to kill another man in front of his wife and kids.

lillian lugo says:

I feel sorry of him and the person he killed.

anmullenax05 says:

This is truly heartbreaking!!! I couldn't imagine losing my entire family in such a manner, and then to find their bodies during the search! ???

Crissy Bella says:

I think it's also important to note that a maintenance crew had turned off the alarm system that would have alerted Nielsen to the situation a full two minutes sooner (which Nielsen was completely unaware of)…that's probably why the company offered this guy so much money, they realized their maintenance people screwed up and the father could get a lot more money if he decided to sue.

JG Harts says:

Nicely done! Thanks CreepyNews.

kylie a says:

I feel so much for everyone in this clip. Air traffic controllers have one of the highest rates of stress related illnesses around. Their workload and demand to be absolutely perfect is ridiculous. Also the pilot of the cargo plane probably assumed that traffic control over rides TCAS commands. Just plain tragic.:, (


A friend of mine was just telling me about this movie this morning. Googled it and now this…weird…in a good way.

Open Music says:

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Humidor 2016 says:

I cannot imagine the pain this man went through. But wouldn't the accident be more about the pilots not carrying out avoidance technique as per their training and tcas warnings, in conjunction with greedy management of the atc company. Easy for me to say this without being in this mans shoes. It is just a tragic case all round no matter how you look at it.

Anita katzina0152 Kissmyass says:

That's really tragic what happened to him!

CJ Shannae says:

Man this video is so heart wrenching . My heart breaks for that man , the loss of his family and for the family of the air traffic controller . They all had to pay for his stupidity.

Blood, Guts, and Social Commentary says:

No matter how hard it is when someone for seemingly no reason kills, I can't imagine how hard a situation like this must be. Can't begin to fathom being any party in this even the judge that had to hear this case. Heartbreaking.

97scarletwitch says:

I think they lost the right to play the "right or wrong" card when they wouldn't even offer an apology. Or when lack of common sense had them over working their air traffic controllers. Apologizing would've been the right thing to do.

Master Mystery says:

Wow! Awesome video, very bizarre!

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