The Happytime Murders (2018) Vlog (puppet Comedy Movie Review)

The Happytime Murders (2018) Vlog (puppet Comedy Movie Review)

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Lisa Loves says:

How disappointing ☹️. I have heard pretty much all meh reviews on this so I don’t think I’ll waste my money on going to see it at the cinema. Nice review guys. You just confirmed my suspicions on this one.

The Horror! The Horror! says:

I love Melissa McCarthy but her last couple of movies have been pretty disappointing for me. I started watching Life of the Party the other night and I turned it off not even halfway through the movie. Awesome review!

The Horror Miser Monty G says:

That's the main problem I had with movie, too many jokes with puppets cursing, having sex, or other gross things that are not funny. The fact the movie breaks it's own rules as to how the puppets live in this universe brings the movie down as well. The main puppet character who ejaculates string wasn't funny at all.

CINEMAZE: The Film Discussion Channel says:

Awesome review, I just subscribed, if you are interested I review movies on my channel too

Movie Massacre says:

Thanks for going through it for us. I’ll pass on this one.

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