The Great Discovery Movie Review

The Great Discovery Movie Review


Aneesh Parkhie says:

This movie marked the end of the model era. Lets just say it ended on a very flat note.

Blodershade ttte and others. says:

Stanley, a ussless model.

Blodershade ttte and others. says:

E-2 tank engines are rare.
This is why.

Aneesh Parkhie says:

The reason why Brosnan narrated the film was because he was originally going to take over narration duties from Angelis, but he quit for some reason, so Angelis returned for seasons 12-16.

Jackson 55 says:

about three of the show's narrators are celebrities that includes Ringo Starr Alec Baldwin and Brosnan

Ayden & Friends says:

The scene when the trucks crashed, the trucks weren't alive in the first place.

Christopher Gonzalez says:

When I was looking for my take and play Stanley​ when you said where oh where is Thomas my take and play Gordon said "oh the indignity"

thomas the blue e2 class 2006 says:

You said the great race

JLS TV says:

To call a movie a musical, it has to have all the songs sung by the characters

Piece Of Jakey says:

I rate this movie 10/10

DinoMike 2986 says:

Can you redo your Thomas and the magic railroad review

Rian McFrian 2 says:

I actualy enjoy this film more than others for one reason…WELCOME STANLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sh N says:

I will never get why people don't like this one. I love this film.

Boxingdolphin 10 says:

Pierce Brosman was a better 007 than a thomas and friend's narrator

TheMetalSnivie 11 says:

4:34 the pooplence

Josh Lee says:

6:58-you said the great RACE not the movie that u r reviewing that I watch monthly ( the great discovery

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