The GIRL with the DRAGON TATTOO (Swedish original)

The GIRL with the DRAGON TATTOO (Swedish original) discusses GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. Spoilers abound.



Bobthesub says:

@REDchairDIARIES Yeah I read about the controversy over the will, or lack of, its a strange old world at time with legal shenenegans…Also interesting to hear theres a 4th book, which Eva Gabrielsson has on Stieg's laptop but is refusing to release (obvously as theres no financial 'reward' for her) the whole crazy situation almost sounds like a plotline from one of the books….

relyte says:

that was the most thorough spoiler alert i've ever come across LOL

Red Chair says:

Have you read about the controversy with the author's common law wife? Anyway, it sounds like she should have more of the money from the books/movies, but Stieg took that heart attack and then his family wants the money. Anyway, his spouse did write her book. I read reviews and it does sound like it would interest a fan of the books.


Red Chair says:


Now, that set does sound like it will start a new round of video reviews!

With thanks


Bobthesub says:

I finally watched the film last week, after finishing the books, and have to say I enjoyed it, as expected a few things were changed for the movie versions but I dont think the changes made a major difference – for example its Henrik Vanger who has the info on Weinstrom (sp?) and uses it to kinda blackmail Blomkvist, into doing the job for him, not Lisbeth, I dont mind subtitles, to be honest I prefer reading subtitles to dubbed audio which I find very annoying, I have the 2nd movie to watch now

fergmaster says:

@REDchairDIARIES I don't know, I'm always walking around in slow-motion with hot girls and things blowing up in the background.

Red Chair says:


I will watch them within the next 7 days. Then I'll explain the ins and outs of anal intercourse.

Michael, the ol' boy without a tattoo, dragon or othewise.

Red Chair says:


I like a lot of slow movies. I'm a ponderer and not all that lively…. haven't people noticed that our lives move at a glacial pace, like Bergman films, more often than like Michael Bay pyrotechnical displays?


fergmaster says:

I really liked this as well, out of the two sequels I enjoyed the third one more though they were both good. Though the 3rd one is quite slow, but that's what I liked about it.

selmerthegod says:

This whole trilogy is fantastic. Get the others watched that man.

R. Mark Womack says:

I really liked this movie, I dont think there are enough strong woman films and this one works nicely. Good review, thanks!

indiodvdreviews says:

looks good!

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