The Foreigner – Movie Review

The Foreigner – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews The Foreigner, starring Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan. Directed by Martin Campbell.



ThoughtsOfALeo says:

Had only seen Green Lantern from Martin Campbell, so I didn't expect much when I first heard that he was directing this film. But this sounds interesting and right up my alley, so I might have to check it out. And I also love just about anything Jackie Chan is in regardless if he's fighting or not, so this should be interesting, even if it only got a B+.

Aron Joiner says:

That shirt is ?

Joseph Muir says:

I think that it’s high time that you made a review for Vertical Limit.

femiairboy94 says:

Wait where’s James cur….I mean Chris tucker?

Oh sorry wrong movie…

LOLJKbro GG noob says:

Pls review patriots day. Great movie

Tina Bitch Ass says:

Review the Ozarks…

Vicky 12 says:

Chackie Chan did one hell of a job here! Honestly, I've always seen him as an underrated actor and I'm afraid now, viewers will have to rethink their one-dimensional perspective, reducing Chan to how many bad guys he punched in the face while making hilarous noices! Brosnan, too, utter transformation!? Well done, Gentlemen! There better be a few Oscar nominations coming along! ☝

Robert Danker says:

Chris, is that a sweet Nintendo tattoo on your arm???

Joeguy1092 says:

dude I love your video videos thats why I subscribed but that face….. Your face is just so punchable especially in your thumbnails.

Game Online says:

What's your name?

ian lee says:

Anyone else think pierce did a better bond than craig?

Rose says:

Jackie looks too much like my dad man. Every time he cries, I cry.

Not Clorox Bleach says:

Stains don't stand a chance!

Tsun Yin Li says:

Give Shinjuku Incident a try too if you want to see Jackie Chan flexing his dramatic chop. Great film

Bill Boguniecki says:

You can review a cartoon of stick figures and I will listen to your review intensely. Thank you again for another great review

Alejandro4891 says:

"Jackie Chan is back and this time…he is looking for trouble"

hallee marie says:

Have you started using MoviePass?

Why says:

You look like Ben from Parks and Recreation

__ __ says:

Are you going to do a video on Harvey Weinstein?

student72 chapman says:

Chan Jackie is a bastard, and I hope he will burn in hell for eternity.

MCwhite Studios says:

Fucken awesome shirt Chris

Everett Clunie says:

Favorite YouTube movie review channel. Keep doing everything you’re doing, I love it☝???

xcross20 says:

Hey Chris i own that shirt too its awesome

Aaron Chris says:

Great video

SLAYA 275 says:

Jackie Chan is amazing in Karate Kid ( Which shoulda been called Kung Fu Kid) and not just because of the action.

EJK k says:

This really reminds me of the film Martin Campbell made with Mel Gibson called the Edge of Darkness. A man goes on a revenge mission to get the people who killed his family member sprinkled with some political intrigue. Sounds almost the same. I haven't seen the film but if someone has seen both films can you tell me if I'm right about that or not.

barrybadranath says:

Lookin forward to this one.

MagmaDragon says:

Sounds great! I really like all the movies you listed off – especially Mask of Zorro. I'll check it out. 🙂

Tank says:

Chris Stuckmann, are you going to review the My Little Pony The Movie? Just wondering it did drop last weekend.

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