The First Purge – Movie Review

The First Purge – Movie Review

The 4th movie in the Purge saga takes us back to the beginning to show us how it all started. Here’s my review for THE FIRST PURGE!



Daimon Atkins says:

Really good intro
Good job

Dennis King says:

They should have called it liberal purge. Purge of the retards.

Aussie Eighties says:

none of the Purge movies got theatrical releases in Australia, not sure why

Reaping21 says:

yeah, no big surprise regarding the reason why the purge happened

Dorby1988 says:

I actually enjoyed the second the third Purge films, so I might check this out.

King Smitty says:

It’s a fucking movie stop being so damn extra about it

S. V. Villano says:

That was the most Dwight Schrute intro ever.

Clementine Krishan says:

one thing that really bugged me… they were trying to sell it like these people were committing murders because they were being paid. there’s a line in the movie where a girl decides to kill someone because “I really need the money.” this would be understandable, except that during the purg crime is legal. they could rob literally any store or atm or anything and make a shit ton more money than what the government was offering them. Seriously, I don’t understand the logic here.

Asuka Langley Soryu says:

The best Purge movie is a Rick and Morty episode

Keith Walker says:

Just got in from watching it. I’m not sure why the main character had to be a drug dealer who was also in the military enjoyed that the community came together And the action was shot incredible well. There were
A few haunting moments that truly terrified me. Especially because there have been real life events that have happened: I.E church’s, klan members. They definitely could have combined some characters but overall I really liked it!

MadelineTopper says:

Will I need to see the other three Purge movies to understand this one?

Lisa Royo says:

Please review Call me by your name? If you can. Thank-you.

Artisbot says:


Alan Smithy says:

Jeremy review Escape Plan 2

Luke Rojo says:

Why isn’t the first purge taking place early 1900s? Missed opp

Reggie Addison Jr says:

The Purges origins/true meaning were told during the 2nd and 3rd movie. Thats why you knew going in.

FullmetalandtheFlame says:

I love my Vive, but I'm super jealous that you got the Vive Pro. Congrats man! It's gonna be awesome. Have fun!

happosai27 says:

Purging minorities?
Where do I sign up? 😀

Marvelmania360 says:

If the purge happened I’d rob every bank in the country

ucreategames says:

The female protagonist's lines were unnaturalin general. Pussy-grabbing muthafucka was the icing on the cake.

Aaron Chris says:

Awesome review.

5pid3rman80 says:

What a great idea! All crime is legal, so loot and resale after the Purge! Get rich!!

Tree House 'DA REMIX' says:


Nguyen Binh Tuyen says:

Nice video.

Hulon Pate says:

Movie was dogshit & needs to be pulled asap. Showing Police in blue uniforms killing & torturing a Blackman on a baseball diamond while patriotic music plays. WTF so Un-American anti-America. Lefist propaganda . Also consider the previews we're all black oriented movies. One being a Tyler Perry film about police killing a unarmed black kid. Black klansman movie and other films that have a black and minority target audience. I walked out. I'm all for free speech and artistic freedom but this is blatant lefist Hollywood propaganda to poison the minds of people. That believe the sky is falling.

3rd Gunman says:

Then comes the spin-off The Binge

Kidd0Wycked says:

The start of this video makes the most sense. In ANY Purge movie, if ALL crime is legal, why don't they explore ppl committing crimes outside of murder? Like an Oceans 11 during the purge. It could be a situation where a team of dudes wanna rob a fortune 500 company, a casino, Fort Knox, or something, it goes batsh*t and ppl die. Those that survive get away with millions, the majority shares, or the deed to America. Idunno, just something not as one dimesional as murder every time.

Darth Sader says:

Every Purge movie is about the elitist government killing poor minorities, and the weird thing is it's that I barely see or hear anyone yelling at these movies because of the politics and not even yelling at it in general. There's just indifference.

mwhyte 30 says:

the beginning scream sounded like Liu Kang in the Mortal Kombat 1 video game

alex says:

the first purge better than jurassic world????

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