The First Purge – Movie Review

The First Purge – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews The First Purge, starring Y’Lan Noel, Lex Scott Davis, Joivan Wade, Luna Lauren Velez, Marisa Tomei. Directed by Gerard McMurray.



Mister B. says:

LMAO Van Jones is in it.

Isur Cantu says:

sorry I had trouble paying attention to the review for that awesome shirt you had on, Damn it's great, where did you get it Chris, you have some awesome shirts

Kenneth Bass says:

I’m curious if had they went into more in depth detail on the purges inception would it have bogged the movie down a bunch.

Bear Clarke says:

Reminds me of the main issue with Alien 3. We were supposed to empathise and route for life-sentence rapists and murderers. Just doesn’t work.

Zach Gerrity says:

Once again this franchise completely drops the ball with an awesome premise.

MegaSpideyman says:

Janey, you're wanting far too much from these films.

MegaSpideyman says:

I'm not sure whether Breaking Bad or Weeds would work for you, if so.

MegaSpideyman says:

Course they love Carnage in films – that's why Venom will do well 😉

King Eclipse says:

"Lets start a purge"
* People die *
"OMG, what have I done"

Nick94956 says:

You and Jeremy actually heavily disagreed on a film for the first time in a while as far as I can remember.


Dang it I actually wanted to see this one

Tim Jesse says:

Why do you keep reviewing horror movies you know you're going to most likely hate and not go out and see any of the new comedies that have come out this year? Game Night, Blockers and Tag are all very enjoyable and are better than all the comedies that came out last year.

Λlex Λnderson says:

Hollywood is well known for turning good ideas into shit for retards.

dindaire says:

Chris, where did you get your shirt? I love it

EPS5000 says:

I’ve only seen the first one. Haven’t seen any of the sequels.

David Keymer says:

OMG that shirt

Chris Tortorelli says:

As a fan of all the other films I do have to say that this one ran a bit on the long side but even then I did enjoy it a lot. Maybe not my favorite of the series but I don't think fans would be disappointed. There were some scenes that we're dumbed down. That may just be because of how sensitive people have gotten to violence in the US and maybe showing a scene shooting up a place like a school or church for example wouldn't sit well with people in the current climate. At least that's why I feel like some scenes we're toned down.

Boo Bear says:

is it allowed for people to launch a nuke bomb to destroy the whole nation during a purge? basically i wanna know if there are any limits to a purge..

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