The First Purge Movie Review

The First Purge Movie Review

Mark Ellis reviews The First Purge.

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Geek Owt Lowd says:

I'm sorry. But this is NOT a "political movie".

It's straight up propaganda.

Michael Anderson says:

I'll pass, I'm not a Republican but I'm bored with Rich liberal celebrities that are still butthurt over Hillary losing.

Geek Owt Lowd says:

Not watching this political garbage. Trying to say Trump supporters want to genocide poor people and black people. This is how deluded people are. I blame social media.

Sir Deans says:

oh hi, mark

UncutStationX says:

I agree with Mark, its a fun action movie and worth watching

psinno says:

Enjoyed the first movie. Enjoyed the second movie less. Second I heard this movie was important I knew it was not something worth seeing.

Leon Ridao says:

While I think it might be interesting what you're saying about fleshing out seeing who agrees or who doesn't I think it was already said on how much agrees on it whether ethical, financial or economical when they send soldiers disguise as citizens on the film…. just saying that in that point or perspective it kinda shows the uhm 'ratio' of 'agreeableness' to 'disagreeableness' of the idea of the purge in the movie; granted that it doesn't give a more wholesome picture but in any if not most situation isn't showing is better than telling?

Besides this just one of the rare gems that gets better each sequel considering the first one being pretty bad; see it compare it you can see…. shame though that the director of the first three was not the director of the fourth one but at least he stayed on as a writer I guess…..

mjstory1976 says:

Awesome review 👍

Dylan Martin says:

The pollitcal and social commentaries in this movie were so poorly executed and just poorly understood that it took me out of the movie

Corey Donaldson says:

Excellent review Mark !

xxyourdisease says:

This is the only Purge movie I've seen and my God I thought it was awful. The acting is bad, its cheesey, the main characters make idiotic decisions. I looked at my bro in the middle of the movie and asked are they all like this. He said I know, this ones bad. Haha

neil Varma says:

Not a fan of this franchise; could b so much better

Matthew Hardy says:

I really miss the schmoes know movie show… I am super sad up here in Canada just thinking about the Schmoes .
Better to have loved and lost, they say…
But I’m not so sure.
I will become a patron today. Maybe it will help.

Christopher Woodburn says:

I'm seeing Antman and the Wasp tonight at 7 and i'll check out the first purge eventually

Jose Ortiz says:

Best one yet !

Cobra Commander says:

I almost want to See it for Marisa tomei, but the movie looks so bad I don’t think I can.

Mojammer says:

Clown world movie

gearmast3r says:

Once again, Mark Ellis proves his sorry ass justification of a mediocre film.

Ghost Wolf says:

This series needs to end..Milking it for ever last drop of originality

Some Guy says:

I'm Black, and I'm kinda sick of this political crap in these movies. The audience is ok with ham fisted political messages in Sci-Fi, and horror now? Damn, it's as if Hollyweird has lost it's creativity, and are relying on the current divisive political state to tell stories.

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