The Equalizer 2 – Movie Review

The Equalizer 2 – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews The Equalizer 2, starring Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, Ashton Sanders, Bill Pullman, Melissa Leo. Directed by Antoine Fuqua.



lyn baker says:

Chris, when you say Orson Bean do you mean THE Orson Bean? The 1960’s -1970’s tv actor? I thought he passed away 20 years ago. Just interested because I always enjoyed him as a child but can’t believe it is the same man.

Color Positive Movies says:

Is this Washington’s first sequel?

Xenofon Katifes says:

Chris grew up with Denzel

big mike says:

This review is a bit late.

AlternativeFact says:

Denzel looks like a crispus attucks in the thumbnail.

Squalid Tuber says:

Thanos is he ultimate equalizer.

Clay Frost says:


Vanildoge The PC gamer says:

The thumbnail says it all, those expressions man

Akil Ali says:

I doubt any action film would be good after watching MI6… My expectations have been raised.

George Lucas says:

Thanos is the real Equalizer.

Devil of Hell's Kitchen says:

Is good but MI: Fallout is better so watch that instead.

The RealButcher says:

WOW…. thanks 🙂

dragonball3166 says:

Wow I saw movie before Chris stuckman huh interesting good movie

Matthew T. Lowe says:

Chris I gotta ask. What song is Link playing on your shirt? I’m having a hard time remembering the notes.

Shwan Mann says:

Chris, where did you get that shirt?!?!?!?!?!

OGMillyMillz Vs Anybody says:

Chris is always reviewing black movies late for some reason.

MrNotgoth says:

Saw this with my dad yesterday because MI: fallout was booked and I surprisingly enjoyed it. All acting was great but yeah that scene with Denzel and the kid was really powerful and hands down the best scene in the film.

Sulaymaan Kingseed says:

I don't really expect much from this movie- we already know we're going to see Denzel. I can't really imagine this movie being a big draw if Mr. Washington wasn't in it.

They need to do something new with these movies. We already know Denzel can do it all, wouldn't it be great if there was someone else in these movies with him who is just as awesome as he is- or what if there was a whole crew of great actors in this with him but not like Expendables, more like The Professionals. A movie like the Professional but with several Professional Cleaners.

Or what if they could tie this movie in with the John Wick franchise and make Denzel a hitman on the Par of John Wick.. I don't know- I'm just tired of the same shit! We seen all of this stuff before, Taken with a black man- big deal. I wanna see something I've never seen before, I want my socks blown off, I wanna see something that everyone would say "It can't be done" like Predator vs Jurassic Park. I just want something that is imaginative, new and awesome- shit if you can imagine it, it can be brought to life, I mean this is 2018.. I've waited most of my life for technology to catch up with imagination so we could make movies that could not have been made in the past.

The Tranformers movies were all crap. The Fast and the Furious movies are crap now too. Imagine if the Autobots came to earth in search of the Fast and Furious crew. Imagine if each Autobot had to have a driver- a human driver, as if each Autobot could not live on earth without a human host/driver to link with and what if each Autobot chose one of the FF crew member- now that wouldve been a good movie…

TheHSdropout says:

It’s Denzel he can’t do no wrong

Chilled B3ST says:

Review the dark Knight please I would like to hear your thoughts about this masterpiece

Saurabh Kumar says:

Bro love your reviews, but if you start another review with "ive been a fan of……(insert related genre)" 😛

Daniel Green says:

There's a sequel..? I heard nothing about it

Jon Stewart says:

Olson Bean was just there to make a glorified cameo. He is an 80s TV show actor.

Malthe Lauenblad says:

Are you going to review The new mission impossible

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