The Disaster Artist – Movie Review

The Disaster Artist – Movie Review

A comedy about the making of the unintentional comedy “THE ROOM”, here’s my review of THE DISASTER ARTIST!

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Average Joe says:

"No I can't
Anyway how's your sex life?"

Aiden Pearce says:

Please don’t stop doing ratings. It actually helps me get a gauge of your thoughts.

Thomas Mahari says:

Review call me by your name

firelight09 says:

Look, I don't wanna talk about it . . .

Jean says:

oscars maybe , it would be awesome haha

Fuzzy Bunny Slippers says:

AMAZINGLY, TOMMY WISEAU is an inspiration to writers and actors who are like, "Oh, crap! This is awful. No one will see this!" And then someone can say, "Remember, THE ROOM?" and TADA! Inspiration. The will to go on!

After all of this, why not go for the gold? Good luck. I would LOVE to see James Franco get nominated for an Oscar. Think it can't happen? Hey, who saw THIS happen; The movie about a royally bad movie actually celebrated as a good movie. In the words of Animaniacs' Dot Warner, "Go fig!" ?‍♀️?

jedi fu says:

~hey anybody wanna buy a photo of my spoon? . . . i have many . . . and i dont care anymore

Flatkins Doodle says:

Get your goddamn head in the game Jeremy and review Wonder. That shit made me cry like 6 times. Not ashamed.

Michael Sicard says:

I saw The Room and was thoroughly fascinated by it being made and released. I have to see the Disaster Artist to see how this ever happened. BTW The Room was one of the most unintentionally funny movies I've ever seen.

piffletoss says:

And here is a game about watching 'The Room'!!!

ToeKnee says:

Has jeremy seen the room?

Hendra Lim says:

I'm fed up with this review..

CCGtv says:

I just checked out your vid, nicely done. Be sure to check me out as well, stay blessed.

Alexis Hernandez says:

4:20 length!?

Iggy3 says:

Had a blast watching this movie!

Tim Walden says:

So you gave Awesometacular just because you haven't in awhile? I've never seen The Room. Don't want to. The only people I've heard talk about it are the internets.

matthew polansky says:

The Room is like a dumpster fire, you know it's bad, but you can't look away.

Mohammed Alfadl says:


chrisisboard says:

French person: 80
Also French person: lmao balze it

rowdful says:

cant wait to see biopic about james franco in the future with the lead actor portraying james portraying tommy, and also being the director of said biopic

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