The Commuter – Movie Review

The Commuter – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews The Commuter, starring Liam Neeson, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Jonathan Banks, Elizabeth McGovern, Sam Neill. Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra.



Michael :v says:

I did really enjoy this it was very fun but not my favorite 😀

Randall Williams says:

I like your review of this movie better because I liked the movie and the last review that I saw of it was not as complementary is yours and I feel along the same lines as you as to how good this movie really was

Murafiwi123 kun says:


orange9280 says:

The Punisher!!!!

Arthur Wacker says:

Advert for the Commuter before a review for the Commuter. Awesome!!

A McMurray says:

Can you please do a Vampire's Kiss hilariocity review?

Leutrim Beka says:

This is an older film but would you consider
Reviewing "Enter The Void"!!

damien tan says:

this is definitely a type of movie that im looking for!
gonna buy ticket for this weekend =D

standabovethecrowd4 says:

Chris! Please do a Hiliocrity review of Roboshark!! It has Bill Gates.. Being eaten by a robotic alien shark.

c1re5an says:

Hi Chris! I'm from Barcelona, like the director. I think his name should be pronounced more like "joe ma" or "jaw ma" 😉

Chris 219 says:

Super Saiyan Blue ya'll

Mal from London says:

Am waiting for Chris' review of Paddington 2.

EsteEsNuestroMundo says:

Are you going to review Paddington 2?

Black Fyre says:

Chris!, You HAVE to review Netflix's Devilman Crybaby Anime adaptation, You HAVE to!!!! Its awesome!

David Castle says:

I found it really enjoyable too. I know it's getting bad reviews but I just thought it was a regular movie. Not a huge blockbuster but not a total dud either. Some of the plot was predictible and some wasn't but it was worth watching it.

Also a lot more movies become worth it when you have MoviePass like I do. It's really good. If you guys like to watch movies you should get it. I'm not a spoke person for it or anything I really think it's a good deal.

Hello Victoria says:

Poor Liam. He just wanted to sit in his cubicle and sell insurance. They got him on the train fighting people, derailing, dealing with dead bodies, etc.

Fistymcnuts says:

Where’s the paddington 2 movie review Chris

IlikeEmerica96 says:

Well I enjoyed unknown and nonstop so this should be some good action fluff

omar suarez says:

I loved this movie

Bridget Kelley says:

Please do a review of teotfw (The End of the F***ing World) on Netflix! It's amazing and definitely needs more recognition!

Josh says:

Do a Devilman: crybaby review, ya fuckin nerd!

Servant House Productions says:

I called your letter rating (B) from your facial expression in the thumbnail. ?

Ammar Affan says:

Review The Greatest Showman

seraphsmile says:

Bright review please

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