The Commuter – Movie Review

The Commuter – Movie Review

Liam Neeson in another Liam Neeson-ish role. This time on a trail. Here’s my review of THE COMMUTER!

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kristian perez says:

Review shot caller!

Black Conservative Patriot says:

Saw it last night for date night. 10 PM showing with the wife.. I love Taken (the original), so I now give all Liam movies a spin on the big screen. I expected it to be okay and it was a bit better than that. I figured it out early without much effort and that annoyed me. A decent flick but a one time viewing experience in my opinion.

im an alien says:

It's basically Nonstop 2 but on a train lol

Matt C says:

Thought it was a very entertaining hour and a half of my time. I'll remember it

BossMasterPangs says:

Wheres pitch.perfect3?

skyhime says:

. . . T – one day. yep. already forgot it. that's why I have notes!

Charlene Denton says:

omg I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND great review as usual!

Tyler Mercado says:

Lol I never saw Non-Stop. I saw one trailer for it and completely dismissed it. When I saw the trailer for this I genuinely thought it was the same movie with a long ass ad campaign.

Dezmond says:

Watched the trailer for this movie and it made me want to watch this

Mal from London says:

Waiting for the review of Paddington 2.

Golden Gray says:

JEREMY HAVE YOU SEEN THE GREATEST SHOWMAN he should review the greatest showman, I need his opinion

Samuel Lim says:

Wow you're hell-bent on not reviewing Greatest Showman.

TheBlacklightProjekt says:

Jeremy do review on Netflix's Devilman: Crybaby please!!!!!

Dominic Mallano says:

Review Captain Underpants

Felix Esquivel says:


J Rosenberg says:

You should review The Post

Christopher White says:

Review downsizing

FASTER! says:

Review Voldemort: Origins of the Heir

mace portier says:

I don't find this review very usefull, he does not explain what he states

NolanCho says:

So much better than Chris suckmann.

Chickenmasterpoop8 says:

Review Manhunt: Unabomber

Neb88 says:

Jeremy can you review Nacho Libre!?

Winter Land says:

There isn't a strong bench of young action heroes so we keep seeing the 60 yr old Bad A___.

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