The Cloverfield Paradox – Movie Review

The Cloverfield Paradox – Movie Review

We have ourselves a 3rd Cloverfield movie, and we didn’t know about it until a couple hours before it went up on Netflix! Here’s my review of THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX!

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informedcarpet says:

Why are you acting like a knob?

Ricardo Luján says:

clearly jeremy didnt understood the movie…

Darkestal says:

Should follow found flix and their ending explanation “anyone who wants spoilers” or full details of how the show ties into the other 2.

Milton2k says:

Parallel dimension plots are always messy…..Was entertaining though….messy but ok.

Darth Xodius says:

I really liked Paradox ☺ there are so many possible cloverfields now.

IJ says:

Th girl is in Black Mirror, San Junipero episode. Atleast thats where i've seen her from.

Charlie Dawson says:

My entire review to the third instalment in the clover field franchise. 'Chris O'Dowd is awesome though…'

Rafael Del Villar says:

Unoriginality at it's best

Drachona The Wolf says:

Just tell me if it was better than 10 Cloverfield Lane, which was pretty bad.

Sebastian Menendez says:

Review twilight zone and black mirror man

Blue Collar Men Productions says:


RazGerb says:

So many people are giving this movie shit that it really doesn't deserve

Preston Lockhart says:

It should've been called Cloverfield: Shit Happens.

uutakke1 says:

They explain everything but they rush through it at the beginning so a ton of people missed it

Nick Godi says:

Used a green screen to make your screen red…. Dont know if i can trust your critique now

Starbuck says:

Didn't have Emma Watson in it. Thus it sucks.

Osiris Paradox says:

10 Cloverfield Lane > Cloververse Paradox

EJS300able says:

I was really lost ? really happy that i was not the only one

trickledown808 says:

I think you're being a bit harsh.

Anthony Maucione says:

10 Cloverfield Pane wasn’t supposed to be a Cloverfield movie either. The original script for it was called, “The Cellar”, while Cloverfield Paradox was originally called, “God Particle”. Also, the only tie-in 10 Cloverfield Lane had was at the end where they showed some alien monster things, so how is this film any different regarding its connections and methods of connecting to the rest.

Nix Caffery says:

There's more Cloverfield reference than you think, clearly you did not do your homework before making this video and assuming things which sounds rather silly when knowing the movie is indeed shot as a "paradox" to the Cloverfield universe.

Average Apollo says:

Got a different style of review on my channel, need feedback desperately

John Castillo says:

I loved Cloverfield (2008) and when I saw the 10 Cloverfield Lane trailer I was so excited it looked amazing, and I really just didn't like it. So then I heard about a film called God Particle (later called The Cloverfield Paradox) which was supposed to be a prequel to Cloverfield and with the fantastic cast I was extremely excited again and once again was very disappointed. I would have been happier with just a straight sequel to Cloverfield instead of making it some sort of twilight zone alternate dimension type bullshit. And you gotta figure out what the hell is happening by going online and playing their viral marketing game campaign bullshit which gives you all the clues you need to know.

Bombshell Ms L says:

gugu mbatha raw is her name ( Belle and Beyond the lights, Black Mirror San Junipero)

Gary Scarberry says:

Your review sux. Yes you have to put the puzzle pieces together but I see a lot of reviewers that are lazy and can't connect the pieces. This one included.

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