The Bourne Identity Movie Review

The Bourne Identity Movie Review

In preparation for Jason Bourne, I sat down and watched the Bourne movies for the first time. Here is JustinWatchesMovies’ review for the first one, The Bourne Identity.

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Rich Reviews says:

The only one of the four films that particularly I don't care for.

Tyler Tompkins says:

Love your reviews! Definitely subscribed.. Check out mine if you get a chance bro!

M&M Weekly says:

Hey, Justin. My new review is up. It's for "Stat Trek: Beyond". Check it out and leave me your thoughts, please.

Harry Thomas Pictures says:

If you want to watch Bourne Legacy, you might find it to be the weakest of the Bourne Films. Nice Review.

futurefilmmaker 39480 says:

Great review, Justin.

JakeHoffRapperSinger says:

I plan on doing movie reviews on my channel, too.

JakeHoffRapperSinger says:

Fantastic review bro

Drumdums says:

Great review Justin. I wish Doug Liman would have directed all of them.

SirTyJensen says:

The Bourne Identity was good, it's my favorite Bourne movie. It doesn't have shaky cam, it has some fast editing but it's tolerable. Edge of Tomorrow was good also, I use the actual title.

Annie Farmer says:

Great review I posted a new video ck it out thank you Justin!

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