The Bizarre Case of Gina Summers And Her 5 Year Old Son

The Bizarre Case of Gina Summers And Her 5 Year Old Son

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CreepyNews says:

These are rather extreme cases of suicide, taking others with you into the grave.

anmullenax05 says:

I have a 5-yr-old… I couldn’t imagine harming her in any way! It’s my job, as her mother, to protect her at all cost… including giving my own life. How can a mother kill their child!?! ???

c harrington says:

Parents are suppose to give their life for their children. Not take the child's life.

Miss Amber says:

Fucking horrendous! 🙁

Elle Woods says:

Please FIRE this man & find SOMEBODY that can clearly speak THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE !!! I'M putting pn the Closed Caption ?? .

49Giants says:

So much sadness in the world. Rip little man. Thanks and take care Ranil

rodster6 says:

She obviously didn't care about the child at all. All she cared about was getting her own way. She'd rather kill the kid than lose custody. That's not love that's possessivness and spite.

99fruitbat says:

I've worked in Mental Health Care for many years… Occasionally have come across situations like this before. Fortunately , the suicide/murder failed . The parent would say ,I couldn't face living any longer.. but I couldn't leave my child alone without me.. so I tried to take them with me.. I was worried no one would look after them properly ? And Yes I am aware how mixed up that thought process is ! Not making any excuses here people.. Just throwing that experience into the mix. Such a sad story , Tragic . Terrible .

Vegan Moll says:

Absolutely evil. Suffering from Bipolar & suicide & could never imagine how someone could take away a innocent life, take your own but do not take another. that is not your life to take. Evil woman.

Terry Stromberg says:

hope this comes out right it's a talk-to-text thing just wanted to say and maybe wrong it reminds me of the Greek myth of Medea who was wrong by a man she felt very much I will she was more he thinking this case husband does terrible things he leaves her to marry and go bun and by the way I'm taking the children. Remember this is very old times in a minute so what she does I don't think kill herself I can't remember but she definitely has this theme that I've seen in some cases if I can't have the child or children so they kill the child or children maybe instead of themselves eating as far as her getting away with it I don't think so I am text you would not have gotten death penalty may be got off for Insanity even after since I've seen that happen there was a case in Texas of a woman who brain three of her sons with a ute Rock because I'm quote God told her to do it they consider that nuts so they let her walk basically because he play that's kind of things unfortunately happen so the fact that she killed herself it's probably harsher than what any Court would have done saves County or a lot of money drawn out cases Peels and I know it's very tragic she might have got off a lot easier than killing herself at least she's gone and executed already that's how I look at it after so many people like one of your fans mention that believe that woman rather that killed her child lied about it and got away with it I don't know how that case he or she referred to so I'm I hope the child's rest in peace but she is a murderer I've heard of women doing it because of postpartum depression or Munchausen by proxy but this is different this is more like you can't have his child to me it could be wrong but it seems logical but I mean I mean to her way of thinking I hate seeing these cases at someone called and very heartbreaking you do an excellent job narrating I was still have a lot of your videos to catch up on did usual great Mary and hear your English is getting scarily great I just no one word and Dutch when I visited Holland everyone seem to speak English is hard Gilder being really pronounce Holden that's too cool putting consonants and 1 Word while it's not important it's sad night about the boy too bad that she got temporary custody well thanks for another good job

Anita katzina0152 Kissmyass says:

The employer's statement really sounds weird knowing the circumstances surrounding Mrs Summers and her son's death.
But maybe we don't have enough background informations about her relationship to her five years old son….?

Maybe she was a good mother for five years or at least she seemed to be one to her co-workers.
But then she became mentally unstable/ill due to her custody fight; she got desperate, freaked out and snapped, idk?

Maybe her having no money made her feel absolutely defenseless against her estranged partner

Anita katzina0152 Kissmyass says:

Wow, you have an ad, that's great!
Didn't expect to see one in my life.

Seems like some advertisers have noticed that true crime channels have a lot of viewers too, that's just amazing.
You see there's always hope in or after a long dark time!

Roxy RodVen says:

Breaks my heart ??????

Emily Garcia says:

You want to kill yourself? Ok, not the right choice and it’s a permanent decision for a temporary problem, but it’s your choice. You want to kill yourself AND your innocent child? Fuck off. Take away the happiness and life of a little child because you feel like it?! I hate people sometimes.

elsa1942 says:

“She killed her son and herself” reminds me of the Shirley and Zachary Turner story (look up the documentary film Dear Zachary)

HarpsiFizz says:

Do you think you could do a video about the August 1998 murder of Louis "Buddy" Musso? Nobody talks about his death, not even in the true crime community. If you search "Susan Basso" (his murderer) on youtube, you get two videos less than two minutes long, one of them not even in English. You covered the story of Junko Furuta, so I know you're not afraid to do severe cases. All the info you need is on Susan Basso's murderpedia entry.

Pam's Life says:

That poor baby..

SPNgirl44 says:

Parents like this woman are very vengeful and cowardly in custody battles. They view their child or children as possessions. Instead of giving up or sharing custody, they would rather kill their child and then commit suicide.
I think this woman wanted to hurt her husband in the worst way possible, by killing his child and then taking her life, so she couldn’t be arrested or prosecuted. It’s like she thought she could have sole custody of her son, even in death. This case is beyond disturbing. I feel bad for the father and his murdered son. I loathe parents, especially mothers like this selfish witch.

P.S. Keep bring us these amazing, yet disturbing cases, Ranil! People need to know about them. A lot of these cases, I’ve never even heard of. That’s why I’m glad to have finally, decided to become a patron, for your channel. ?

Mojo The Little Yorkie Ripper says:

Poor little guy. Why didn't she give her son to someone unselfish and caring. What a fucking biotch. She can rot in hell but first burn in the hot hot fires of hell. Well, of course, she is in hell. She for one murdered her son which of course is a sin and also committing suicide which is a sin. So let her burn, baby.

Kim Puffer-Crossley says:

true parental love means you want more than anything that your child have the love of both his parents. no matter how you feel for your ex. the happiest, healthiest child is raised with the unconditional love and support of mom and dad. a parent posing a danger, is entirely different. but a parent expressing the need to be in the child's life and the desire to express the love they feel is important and any parent who would deprive their own child of this is selfish and doesn't deserve to have the child in their custody because this is not safe or stable behavior. it is the behavior of a very unfit person who shouldn't have children. not without serious counselling and mental help.

Norene Yarbrough says:

Crazy bitch….just like that whore Susan Smith. Cowardly women…if they have a problem with their kids' father, take it up with HIM,not take it out on the KIDS!!

Tasheka Sevilla says:

That baby looks nothing like the father???

Hen says:

fuckin white ppl

Laura Metheny says:

What a darling little guy! How could she stand there and watch him die? OMG.?

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