The Beyond (1981) – Blood Splattered Cinema (Horror Movie Review)

The Beyond (1981) – Blood Splattered Cinema (Horror Movie Review)

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This week the Horror Guru takes on the second installment of Lucio Fulci’s Gates of Hell Trilogy: The Beyond, a.k.a Seven Doors of Death. But as the film rolls on, the real question becomes not whether The Beyond will survive the review but whether The Guru will survive The Beyond. Stay tuned, my fellow gore hounds. This one might get interesting.

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Chaos Bearded Gaming and more says:

Where's your last Lucio Flutri video House by the Cemetery also Sherk. Hey now your a Rock get the show on get beat.

THE 1 HIT W0NDER says:

The Josh Gad of Youtube.

Warren Moore says:

The Beyond was SO BORING! And what the hell….as if a huge vat of acid would just be sitting there without being sealed in a mere glass container in the middle of the hospital. Ooops, we left a huge vat of acid lying around.

Bitwizard says:

23:56 PLEASE Review House by the cemetery. Finish the trilogy!

interlace says:

Enjoyed the review, but the one too many, bit too forced jokes not so much 🙂 Still subbed!

Kevin Michaud says:

are you ever going to complete the trilogy?

Jason Jones says:

Hey Guru! Did you catch The Cinema Snob's review of the same movie yesterday? Here's the link if you haven't.

Julien Paturel says:

This film made my childhood, with Cannibal holocaust (thanks french laxist education 8 ) )

Mr. Graves says:

what kind of brand is that flannel you were wearing

Michael Filosa says:

Great review! I'm a new subscriber and huge horror fan myself. This is definitely one of my favorites for atmosphere. The highlight of it has always been the score for me. One of the best horror scores.


Forced and unfunny

Gladio Ammazzare says:

Romero invented the zombie as we know it today; the apocalyptic-flesh-eating zombie. Nobody did that before NotLD. Previous zombie stories/movies were about voodoo or revenge from beyond the grave.

Sean Bateman says:

Let the gore flow for the Guru!

Toto San says:

"Cheesevana", thank you so much for this 😀

Fearsonia says:

Take away the spiders and you basically have my basement on Halloween

Fearsonia says:

Horror guru and chill 4lyfe

Fearsonia says:

You ungodly horror critic because of you my nightmares will continue for ever

Phantasm Dusk says:

No, what really scared the girl is that the staff are too lazy to shoot some WD40 on that damn wheel!

GenoX1987 says:

Some helpful advice…stop trying to be funny and just talk about it normally, you Channel Awesome reject.

Its Fayde says:

please do house by the cemetery

Paul Johns says:

Dude, you're funny af. Love the review.

Maddafi says:

Weird why Italian movies would have no sound for so long. Is it because most film cameras don't record audio and only capture video and they couldn't get anything to record the sound with?

CAGoodiegoodie says:

when are going to review the house by the cemetery?and I love your reviews

zekroh6986 says:

13:48 What is even happening in this part of the movie? Did they accidenlty run the same things over and over?


Great video bud, love this film. Keep up the great work

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