The Beastmaster Review – Off The Shelf Reviews

The Beastmaster Review – Off The Shelf Reviews

Gary and Iain are joined by Geoff this week to review and discuss the sword and sorcery epic, ‘The Beastmaster’ (1982) by Director Don Coscarelli and starring Marc Singer, Tanya Roberts and Rip Torn.

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Johnny McAuliffe says:

Discount Kevin Bacon

Jeff Demas says:

I don't know what you guys were talking about, I saw this when I was really young, and I still loved it.

Jennifer Brewer says:

6:15 My guess, Dar was in such a state of shock that it never even occurred to him to control the Juns' horses.

Jennifer Brewer says:

If you're too young for The Dark Crystal, you probably shouldn't watch The Beastmaster. Other than that, I highly recommend it.

Tce Haus says:

I loved this when i was a kid and i agree although highly flawed, Its a masterclass in pacing.

Judson Joist says:

My favorite scene is a toss-up between the one where the gnome gets eaten by one of those digesty creatures and the one where you see those minions turn a prisoner into one of those berserky creatures and it goes berserk.

3:06 "Yor's World! He's the man! Yor's World! He's the man!" XD

10:04 "Maax." It's pronounced "MAY'ax."

12:44 It's one of those bastard-ass thieving gnomes from Golden Axe! Feel free to kick it around.
13:27 Also Sumerian, Canaanite, and Hittite. The child-sacrifice ritual atop the ziggurat is very much like the rituals of the Moloch-worshiping Canaanites.

reese packer says:

Review "The Dark Crystal" please

reese packer says:

Check out the old tv mini series "V" if want to see Marc Singer in much better preformance..though he still has a few hammy moments due to the fact that he's such "physical" actor …a lot like Chris Lambert really

Kyle Rossetti says:

My favorite movie as a kid! Epic fantasy along with Conan the Barbarian

Mike Bryant says:

I loved this movie when i was a kid.

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