The Battle Of Sodor | The Truth

The Battle Of Sodor | The Truth


William Milne says:

apologies, my dog eat The Fat Controller, so there's a different one at the end and in the next few episodes, I brought a new one, but it will take a week to arrive and for the last time, I said Jane's, this episode should have confirmed that. James is perfectly fine.

duck and olive fan says:

Awesome episodes

kingpercyducktales says:

Amazing work on this

Noah Henderson says:


CuldeeFell1 says:

Great job! Can't wait for the next episode!

Info Chan says:

Yay! BOCO is back!

Little Barford Studios says:

Your Dog ate him what if he eats the Lego,s

Carlmatthews 8 says:

Can I voice a character

TheScrap Engine says:

Warning:totally not dark

Douglas 57647 says:

Love the cliffhanger at the end! This series is officially TATMR done right.

Skarloey Productions! says:

really enjoyed

ThomasFan 2623 says:

Holy moly. I don't know how to react. This was simply awesome. Especially with Boomer and 10's attack at the end. Almost perfect. Can't wait for the rest of this.

Cameron Smillie says:

very realistic video

1020Eagle says:

Whoa! I'm honestly blown away!

Lightning Studios says:

Wait James died last episode why is he at the sheds?

Swank Stream 7579 says:

Did you say Bernet Sconce

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