“The Babysitter” 2017 Netflix Horror Comedy Movie Review – The Horror Show

“The Babysitter” 2017 Netflix Horror Comedy Movie Review – The Horror Show

Cecil & Fuego review the 2017 horror comedy flick, “The Babysitter”!


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Hosts: Cecil Laird & Jaime En Fuego
Produced & Edited by Cecil Laird

Opening & Closing Logo Designs by Rolo Ledesma & Kristopher Anderson.

Music by Mark Mason & Peter Hall.

Special thanks to the following for providing set dress pieces:

Our “Horror Show” Zombie Sign: Tom Deadstuff

“Scare Bear” aka “Bloody Ruxpin”: Germ Spider Designs



M.R. Stover says:

Just watched this movie a few days ago. I was so happily surprised!

Sam Calcagno says:

Jaime, can u please do a Stephen King shelf tour? I know you've already done a video on your Stephen King collection, but I really wanna see the bottom shelf

Shoot McKay says:

I hate this movie so much.

Iggsy81 says:

I watched this directly after watching "Better Watch Out" a few days ago. This one was much better imho, got creepy Elliot Rodger vibes from Better Watch Out and felt kinda uncomfortable.

Dayton Hamann says:

when I first saw the trailer for this film I thought it looked dumb but when I watched the movie I actually really liked it

edward D says:

I loved this film! Better watch out and the babysitter is a great double feature

Paul Neiland says:

Good film, just good fun,

ivan jr says:

I agree with you guys, surprised it was fun to watch

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