The Avengers Movie Review: Watch, Pass, or Rent

The Avengers Movie Review: Watch, Pass, or Rent

The movie we’ve been awaiting for months is finally here! The Avengers hits theaters this weekend, which means you’ll finally get the chance to see Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, and more in action trying to save the world. But with all the buzz surrounding the movie, does the finished product live up to expectations? Watch our video review to find out if The Avengers is a watch, pass, or rent!

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Zoë Hannah says:


Crystal Blacke says:

Came out last week in France and I watched it a few times, even in 3D! Such a great movie!!

kaleigh rawley says:

Tom hiddeleston as the bad Guy uhhhhh thank you because I think lokey is creapy and very attractive

kaleigh rawley says:

The movie was funny I couldn't stop laughing

nessabirdie says:

Absolutely loved the Avengers!!

Ricky Wallsten says:

Best movie ever MADE!!

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