THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE (2016) Horror Movie Review

THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE (2016) Horror Movie Review

This week we look at André Øvredal’s THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE (2016) starring Emile Hirsch, Brian Cox, and Olwen Kelly. Does the flick pack a killer bod or will it leave you cold?

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Devin Leatherwood says:

Reminded me a lot of oculus they both had similar vibes. Definitely my kind of horror movies

King Of Arthur says:

This movie was so good- just bought the blu ray and watched it- holy smokes that scene when the lights go out! Loved this movie- really really good- creepy

Kim Basciano says:

I definetly want to see this! Great video!

Hariyanto Liputo says:


U kno wat,,
When they cant go out,, because all the Door is locked,, an the window hit by tree,,
And then the Girl show up, dont kno where the hell she coming from…

One-Eye says:

I watched this today. I thought the first hour, as the mystery is gradually discovered, was spectacular. It got a bit silly and jump scare-y in the third act, but I did like how it ended.


I read something beforehand which said that Jane Doe was a vampire. So I went into it thinking that that aspect had been spoiled for me. I'm glad that wasn't the case, but I was expecting something a bit cooler, to be honest.

Brandon Harris says:

That thumbnail though, lol.

Steve Mano says:

I totally agree with the reviewer about the originality and well crafted script.

Aaron Bunce says:

Just finished it. Great horror movie. Didn't fall prey to the overused tropes that normally plague the genre. Great cinematography, atmosphere, and acting. Need more horror movies like this – ones that don't disengage us from our imaginations, and instead, use it, instead of cheap jump scares and splatters. Great video!

Nicole B says:

I actually watched the movie about 2 -1/2 months ago, & I must say this has to be one of My FAVORITE movies I can remember in recent times. I really enjoyed this Horror flick. I give it 8's across the board. It doesn't seems rushed, and it was we'll put together. I would LOVE to see a Part 2, ? or Perhaps a Prequel of how she originally gotten into the basement of the murdered Family in the beginning. Great movie 85% out of 100% dvd of the year. ?? I can't wait to see The Return of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space? , The Black Room, Night of the Living Dead: Reloaded, Jeepers Creepers 3, Leatherface, Children of the Corn: Runaway, Pumpkinhead 2018?, Tremors 6, Beyond The Green Inferno, Alien 5, An American Werewolf in London 2018?, Mama 2 ? Lights Out 2?, Van Helsing 2, & Gremlins 3

pbarnette says:

Don't Look Now (1973) Nicholas Rogue  — The Classic Horror Mystery film.

Tom Jeffers says:

Going to watch this soon. Thanks for your videos. I read crazy amounts but also watch crazy amounts of cinema. I love the coupling format you have here. Cool movie/Cool book. Thanks again. I am looking forward to reading your stuff as well. Keep it up!

Grabs Rope says:

Just watched this movie, and I really enjoyed it! I saw it at the cinema, needless to say I was sweating and jumping 😀 Really liked your review, earned a sub 😀

The Rusty Cutlass says:

Thank you for not spoiling this film in your review. I got way too much information about it before watching, still a solid horror movie though.

Trolls The King says:

Best Horror movie in my opinion. I am on the fence on whether this type of movie needs a sequel or not. Would I want one? Hell yeah I would. But does it need it? Not sure it does. Everything is explained pretty well.

Stephanie Goddard says:

after your review i must have a watch been humming and haaing

Just Plain Roastbeef says:

Just watched this one, I got pretty high standards when it comes to horror and I gotta say I really liked it, some quality stuff right here. I rarely get immersed into the stuff I watch to this level and just as a funny little testament to that; I found myself covering my mouth and nose with my shirt in the scene where they went through the smoke in the hallway, I literally had no idea I was doing that lol!

Nice review, dude! Btw this "mystery" kinda genre is probably my very favorite when its done right, but sadly they're few and far between in my experience. As a fellow movie connoisseur I would really like to see that list you were talking about. Oh and while we're on the topic I might as well mention that my favorite to come out of the "horror" genre in quite a long time was The Witch, and I been searching for movies that has a similar feel and atmosphere ever since. Whats your favorites? (love The Thing btw, whatta classic!)

rowan sands says:

I just rented this the other night and liked it a lot. Some real moments of creeping dread, which is what I am always looking for. For horror with mystery I think the 2 Paul Tremblay novels are good examples of this. I liked both of them but really loved Head Full of Ghosts, probably because I am a woman and really thought he did such an amazing job with the young female characters. He must have daughters. Right now I am reading The North Water by Ian McGuire, and the newish Donald Ray Pollock, The Heavenly Table. Both great so far. Anyway happy new year, hope you survive the coming nuclear winter ! 🙂

Nick Sharps says:

Rented this last night. I liked it, especially the relationship between father and son and the medical investigation angle. I was slightly underwhelmed with the ending though. Still better than a lot of horror movies to come out lately. Also bought your book recommendation:)

rob balboni says:

hi adam and happy new year to you!      this movie sounds quite interesting by your description and am now intrigued .  will definitely have to check it out for myself because decent well made horror films seem hard to come by these days. sill waiting for your book  ''all night terror'' to be delivered.  ordered it dec.19 through amazon,hope it isn't lost in the mail someplace.  well done review         rob

Danielle DeLisle says:

I was so interested in watching this! So glad it got a good review from you. I worked as an autopsy assistant and am interested in the acuracy. Will rent soon.

Alexandria Vaun says:

Great review Adam! I stayed in tonight and watched this. It's really different from most horror films. I didn't expect the last 20 minutes. I enjoyed it! Happy New Year!

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