The Abandoned (2016) Horror Movie Review

The Abandoned (2016) Horror Movie Review

IFC Midnight kicks off the new year with a mysterious and atmospheric tale, but is it worth your time?



kyriq butler says:

this movie has more holes than swiss cheese

Yoga Pratama says:

aa pantek bikin bingung anjing

muhammad rashid says:

A good movie but confusing. I think it is the writer/director weak point who could not show the audience what is actually happening and they leave the viewers confused. This happens to a lot of gross horror movies when they decide to end the movie, they just end it and leave us confused, but they made their money already.

Latoia b says:

ok movie but so confusing

Arielle West says:

A second watch? Please tell me you're joking. This movie barely held my attention. The woman says she likes the dark and freaks out when the lift stops suddenly. There was really nothing good about this movie, except the fact that it ended. I can't tell you how many times I said to myself, "oh the giggly child running in back of the main character quickly cliché". So many of the horror techniques in this were way overused. Let's have the door to the weird mental hospital open mysteriously after the woman had put all her strength into opening it. Oh and the security cameras tilting towards the ceiling, yeh, umm. What's the point of doing that when the main character has a cam which can reach anywhere in the place with a direct and almost un interrupted link to the control centre.

Then she forgets to take her anti psychotics, and he realises this. She sees kids behind the pillars in the atrium. I ignored that as it makes no sense that they would be there since she could be hallucinating. Her credibility is lost the moment the audience realises that she's mentally ill.

SativaGamer420 says:

Solid movie, shit ending. Saying it was all in their head at the end is basically saying this movie had no point, even within its own universe. They would have had to change bits and pieces, but i think it would have been better if she had been a ghost the whole time. Lets say her father somehow was parted from her and she ended up dying in that basement. Years later her father tracks her down there and being a little superstitious, he gets the security guard job. One day. Unbeknownst to them both, her ghost shows up claiming to be the new hire and than this movie happens. May be cliche, but at least with that version the movie actually happened.

Nojayork says:

Movie sucked man!

v says:

Really wanted to like this film. It is not bad, seems like the writer said, "we have to end this movie so what do we do now?"

Lauren Bolton says:

some one please explain this film to me. I thought her getting out the building was her being released from it because she was released from the coma through death. She was stuck in there, but her body continued to grow so she grew up i dunno why there was a child version of herself also stuck down there, every one around the hospital bed seems to also be at her dads work, is this a dream? is this where she was mentally in this coma? don't understand the entire concept.

Team Flash says:

just watched it and i don't really understand hahaha maybe she's dreaming while in coma and dreamed about his work that his dad does hahaha but its good sometimes gotta jump out my sofa hahaha

juliagulia says:

Hey guys, good job. You definitely have a new sub here. I came across this movie in my yt, and couldn't quite get what was going on in this movie. Thank you for the review it really help clear up what the hell was going on with this movie.

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