The 15:17 to Paris – Movie Review

The 15:17 to Paris – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews The 15:17 to Paris, starring Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos, Spencer Stone, Jenna Fischer, Judy Greer, Ray Corasani, PJ Byrne, Tony Hale, Thomas Lennon. Directed by Clint Eastwood.



RaiderCentral2013 says:

Crisis Actors from Staged Events Now Get a Movie to Star In — so Thats incentive for the Next Crisis Actors — to fake something

Tenebrousable says:

Eastwood is going meta. Showing what is, instead of what is cinematic.

Aaron says:

Well measured review.

Phil S says:

Yeah looked dry, just had commuter, girl on a train, etc… Rather watch tv special than another 2 hour over blown 9/11ish movie…. Even by Eastwood…

Lenny Nero says:

So basically the movie is plagued by the same problems as the other Eastwood movies of the last couple of years: Competent but lazy approach to filmmaking. Looking at you fake baby 😉

emergency knowledge says:

impersonate hanks impersonating eastwood (mindblowing)

Roddy No Yato says:

The only reason I stayed awake because of a bunch of jokes about how bad the movie is

WilliamWallace Of the US says:

The story really wasn't warranted of a movie in general. Still these guys are heroes and deserve the upmost respect. The movie wasn't that great. But I still think Chris went too hard on this movie. Does he have a beef with Clint Eastwood now somehow? Because he went really hard on American Sniper too and that was a good movie

YourAVGGamer says:

I didn’t really look at it like a movie I saw it as a glorified documentary

thomas 2001 says:


Lane Fartin says:

First time I ever fell asleep in a movie theater, woke up in time for the ending and girlfriend was mad at me cause she was jealous that I napped. Lol

Ben McDonald says:

Aww that sucks, I was actually kinda excited for this movie, and when I heard that the actual event was only a few minutes long I started to worry "Oh no, that means 98% of the movie is just gonna be the characters' backstories isn't it?" I guess my fears were realized

Daniel _az says:

I agree 100%

Thomas Drowry says:

It would have made a good 10 minute movie.

M I C H says:

Real life is not a movie.

Blaze The Movie Fan says:

The fact that it was directed by Clint Eastwood made me interested. But now I'm less interested in seeing the movie because of this review.

I might still see it, but I hope I will like it more than you did.

MrLimeInHD says:

Worst movie ever 0 / 10.

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