Terrifier (2017) Horror Movie Review

Terrifier (2017) Horror Movie Review

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After leaving a Halloween party, 2 girls are stalked by murderous clown with no content for human life



Funny Liama360YT says:

pull his head off then celabrate

Joshua murphy says:

Finally a good horror movie. With Hollywood pumping out garbage horror movies the way it is, this is definitely new and refreshing!

B1Kobe0824 says:

That's the point of the movie lol. It's a throw back 80's Grindhouse slasher with homage to other great 80's classics. Notably the scenery and tone was pretty dark and creepy in those old films.

I thought it was pretty intense from start to finish. And nothing interesting outside of Art? There was never really a long period of time where you didn't see him lol.

You'd either have to be a huge 80's slasher fan or have lived through that era of horror films to get it.

Steve Barnard says:

The colours are meant to be like that. They want it to look like late 70s / early 80's low budget horror. This film is basically Halloween if it had been directed by Tobe Hooper in the style of The Burning. This is the kind of film Rob Zombie was aiming for with 31, except this one doesn't suck.

Robert Tarantelli says:

Really good stuff man. For the first 45 minutes or so I was on board but it was like a 5.5 or a 6/10. It was a cheesy, extremely gory 80s throwback slasher. Didn't really bring anything new to the table and the camera work was very bland at times. But the last 30 minutes (minus the very end) made the film for me. Art wearing the skin and hair and dancing around trying to find the girl was genuinely terrifying. Reminded me of this video I've seen on Youtube of this deformed person dancing around. Disturbing stuff

Marlin Benson says:

ART 2020!


For anyone still wanting to know, this movie is out on VOD now

Muffhands Hands says:

Your camera and video is flat and bland lmao


I feel that the ending more or less means that

ART is not from this world or is not human as it seems he has done this before.

Erik Bragg says:

How can I see this move .. like now ..asap.. been waiting forever it seems

insanityfamily13 says:

Hahaha also listening to "IT" right now

Michael Saunier says:

Can't wait to check it out. I have tickets to see it at a midnight one-time screening in my city


I think the film's suppose to give off an 80s slasher vibe, which is why the colors are the way they are.

Steven Vasconcellos says:

I think the colors are done that way on purpose. It adds sort of an old drive in feel.

Sam Slyman says:

Hey man can’t seem to find this movie anywhere…? Any ideas where I can watch it online or purchase it online?

Juan Ramos says:

where can i find this movie

Sk3tchyBoy 3001 says:

Art is coming to cult classic convention in texas https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1994865490759327&id=1752435775002301

Youneed Cheesus says:

Thanks for the review. Pretty much saves me from getting my ass scared LMAO

Eloy Mora says:

Still waiting for the DVD can't wait to see this!!!! been waiting over a year!

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