Tarzan and The Lost City – ScreenCritique

Tarzan and The Lost City – ScreenCritique

How does the other 90s Tarzan movie fare? Let´s review and find out!

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Oscar Stainton says:

Now we have Warner Bros/Village Roadshow Picture's new take on the character, "The Legend of Tarzan", which also takes place after the famous origin of Tarzan and appears to be bombing harshly in America and attracting a mixed reception. I also wonder how the new film and 90s version of WB's Tarzan compare to one another.

I have been keeping an eye on the David Yates film since the first trailer came out, and was mostly looking forward to it, whatever the outcome. Once it's out in the UK, is there a chance you might give it a full video review treatment?

Scifimaster92 says:

Good job on the review, but I just wanted to point out that you made a slight error in your discussion of the film's score. Christoph(er) Franke was the composer for "Babylon 5", not "Battlestar Galactica". The latter series' composer was Bear McCreary (who also did the soundtracks to "Europa Report", "The Sarah Connor Chronicles", and "The Walking Dead"). By the way, Franke is also a former member of the pioneering German electronic band Tangerine Dream,  who themselves are responsible for scoring such films as "Sorcerer", "Thief", "The Keep", "Firestarter", "Risky Business", "Near Dark", and "Shy People".

Shawn Powell says:

thanks for reviewing a lesser-known film, I totally forgot about this one

Abel Diaz - Writer/Critic says:

@NDfor SPDadsdas
Depends on your sense of humour.

nd4spd says:

Is it at least good for a laugh AKA goodbad?

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