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Letty' s corner says:

Honestly the previews did not spark my interest and I just dont know why this remake was necessary.

Opulence_prime says:

I might catch a matinee. lol I heard Future worked on this project too. I didn't see the original either but it's because I don't care for blackplotation films. Btw, I share your opinion about Girls Trip. Don't forget the Queen next time you reference it 😉

Steven Jones says:

So we go from the Black Panther to this….

Isaac Phillips says:

Bruh this film is nothing like the original. The only thing it haves in common with the original is the name.

Larry Pittman says:

How do I go by getting invites to world premiere of movies? I'm mainly looking for the marvel movies also is the only way a person can go is by invite or can anyone just show up and pay to get in?

Coltrane 2 Cole says:

I really wish you had seen the real film before hand

Your Average Muse says:

Thank you, people are coming at this movie with preconceptions but I agree with going into the movie with a blank slate. If it truly disappoints it disappoints but this movie was not a disappointment I had fun with this I loved it every minute of it.

If you're worried about how it makes our people look then how about not feeding into the stereotypes irl.

Keith Littlejohn says:

Fuck Hollywood and Superfly 👎👎👎

Stevie J says:

Nigga how old are u to not know about the original superfly

Stevie J says:

Imma wait for my barber to get it

Blacktastic News says:

Good insightful information brutha, keep up the good work….

Dunn Ali says:

I really have no idea if I will watch it

One Journey says:

🎬 1 📽 🎞 🗣 🎙 🌎🌍🌏 ★★★★★ 🧐 👩🏾‍💻 Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing. ❤❤❤❤❤ 👁👁 👍🏿
I look forward to seeing stupid black crime movies or unbelievable crime movies resembling ideas like Ocean 8. I loved "Takers". In USA 2.5 million African American incarcerated and that makes us cautious how we fantasy entertain with the subject of crime.
🧐 👩🏾‍💻However, we have to continue exploring fantasy entertainment and reminding the impressionable audience that this is just a move, just entertainment. In real like you are a CRIMINAL!

🧐 👩🏾‍💻 Growing up in the Bronx, NYC people who went to the Darkside the majority never made it back! 🧐 👩🏾‍💻 I look forward to seeing this "Super Fly"!

Thank you JMOR

cchill68 says:

Nice and balanced review but I wouldn't have spent more than 10 minutes on this bullshit. At the end of the day the main character is a drug dealer. SMDH. I will be passing on this one.

biashacker says:

No matter how you view it compared to the constant portrayal of Black people as being stereotypes this film only adds to the stereotypes. He is a drug dealer for goodness sake. There are plenty of films that portray Black people as negative. How instead of a Superfly movie we get several more films that are more up lifting. After a film like Black Panther and the positivity that the film imbued you have a film going backwards featuring a gregarious Black drug dealer. This does not make any sense. Just because a movie has Black people in it does not mean Black people should support it. A movie like Superfly that supports negative imagery of Black people should not be supported by anyone. Why can't the premise be that he is a top stock broker that is embezzling and wants to leave a life of decadence and materialism behind. He could have graduated from Yale and the story could be that even though a person does everything right he can still be pulled down by greed. The film could be an expose about living life as an affluent Black man in America. This is a premise that could be explored and you can incorporate the same themes from Superfly into that movie. Including the nonsensical bourne esque derivative martial arts.

flowerpink33 says:

Nope 👎🏾 I’m going from Black Panther to this. No. It’s a NO from me

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