Suburbicon Movie Review – Honest Review with Kim Holcomb

Suburbicon Movie Review – Honest Review with Kim Holcomb

Suburbicon began with a script the Coen Brothers first wrote decades ago. George Clooney decided to merge it with a real event from 1957, when a black family was harassed and attacked by their white neighbors in a master-planned community.

The result is a dark comedy, set in the 1950’s, in a seemingly idyllic town. A white family is doing despicable things in their own home, but no one seems to notice because they’re too busy demonizing a black family who’s just moved in on the next block.

It’s meant to be a metaphor for racism in America.

Great concept. Not-so-great execution…

Suburbicon hits theaters in the USA on October 27, 2017.
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Carter The Brown says:

To me Suburbicon was actually quite enjoyable. I thought it was very funny at times and Oscar Isaac was terrific! I get why a lot of people are trashing the film because of it's obvious disjointedness and conflicted narrative, but for me it worked pretty well as far as enjoyment goes. In my review I tried to imitate the whole 50's vibe through some skits and gave the movie a decent score. If you glance at it, let me know if you enjoyed the dark comedy. Anyways though, I've got a few questions. Are there any movies similar to Suburbicon in tone and feel that you think are better executed? Any that you would recommend?

Spydiggity says:

It's a bad execution because it is a bad concept. Hollywood and the idiots that eat their shit need to stop cramming this BS racism narrative down the rest of our throats. People don't want to watch movies that push a political agenda, for the most part. People of all races, religions, and sex can make it in this country and the only thing holding you back is yourself.

Does anybody remember the last time they enjoyed a movie? I bet it didn't have much of a political slant, just told an interesting story. The left-wing political agenda is ruining entertainment.

This is why people are going to movies less. And that trend will continue because SJW's plague Hollywood, and SJW's are NO FUN!

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