Suburbicon – Movie Review

Suburbicon – Movie Review

After the disappointing Monuments Men, George Clooney returns to the directors chair! Has he gotten better? Here’s my review of SUBURBICON!

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Alex Meyer says:

Saw this movie last night, and yeah, it was disappointing. The two storylines didn't gel well with each other, and I was shocked that virtually every character in this movie was a despicable scumbag. The only good characters were Nicky, because he was at least a nice person (and I thought Noah Jupe gave the best performance in the movie) and the black family next door, who didn't deserve the harassment they received.

Carter The Brown says:

To me Suburbicon was actually really enjoyable. I thought it was very funny at times and Oscar Isaac was awesome! I get why a lot of people are trashing the film because of it's obvious disjointedness and conflicted narrative, but for me it worked pretty well as far as enjoyment goes. In my review I tried to imitate the whole 50's vibe through some skits and gave the movie a decent score. If you glance at it, let me know if you enjoyed the dark comedy. Anyways though, I've got a few questions. Are there any movies similar to Suburbicon in tone and feel that you think are better executed? Any that you would recommend?

Tyler Wolff says:

I think the main reason the comedy fell flat was because there were just so many awkward pauses. I guess it was supposed to be funny because nobody knew what to say, but the editing was too slow. I give clooney credit for directing intense scenes very well, but again, the editing either doesn't build up the moment or it's resolved when it's just getting interesting.

SirTyJensen says:

I agree Suburbicon was disappointing.

Alex Meyer says:

The only successful film written by the Coen brothers that they did not direct was Bridge Of Spies.

Alex Meyer says:

I will still see this film because of the cast, but I'm keeping my expectations real low.

Jon Stewart says:

There is no one to root for except for the black family and Matt's son. I didn't like this movie.

ViewWorldCinema says:

I really wasnt excited for this one. This review confirms my beliefs. Thanks for the heads up! Great review, Austin!

Nick Gorvokovic says:

When will your review of The Killing of a Sacred Deer be on your channel? And do u plan on seeing or reviewing Jigsaw orr Thank You For Your Service?

Owen B. says:

I have an interesting idea for a list: top 5 favorite movies of all time with honorable mentions and a shitstain.

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