Yes, I know IT’s a month late, but I still had to review IT! So does IT sink or does IT float?

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Gary Nowak says:

Great review as always Dave! I hope the part 2 will be as great as the part 1 was. Happy Horror month!

Robert Vlcek says:

Hats off, you are the first one to say that Tim Curry's perfomance wasn't good – I would say he was okay, but not that great, he was the average Tim Curry, but without him everyone would have to agree that this "classic" TV-movie was good enough for people who didn't knew the book and never intended to read it. I did afterwards…

I have to say I'm not such of a horror fan although I do own some and enjoy them but I totally agree with you: this is the best horror movie for a very simple reason.
IT does not tell you what to fear. Every horror movie out there takes a certain theme and fear, dead & undead, haunting, dolls!, any type of animal etc. It on the other hand leaves the decision to you.

This is portraited by Bill Skarsgard freaky eye thing: he points one eye directly to the audience. Thats no CGI. And It is everywhere: the pharmacist, Bev's dad, the old lady in the library (background), the leper, a creepy painting – I have shivers just writing about it.

And IT is more than just horror, it has some pretty good humor in it. For It everything It does is funny. It really believes that and places even the audience at It's point of view by making us laugh when Bill and Richie face these three doors in the house in the Neibolt Street.
And IT is a social study about bullied and mistreated kids.
IT is a Goonie-like adventure and you are so right that all those scenes where the kids are together not only feel natural but almost exactly as in the novel.

And than there is the performance: oh my god. Where to begin?
I don't know, they just work outstandingly together and alone, this is …. Like you said, Dave, it felt real. Grown up actors could even learn from those kids. The youngest, Jackson Robert Scott who plays Georgie. Fantastic. What makes his part totally heartbreaking.

And Bill Skarsgard. What some people complained when they saw the first pictures … they just where wrong. Period!

I am so excited about the Extended Cut (15+ minutes more) and the scenes that will come in part two. From what I have heard, Muschietti wants to bring Flashbacks into the past of scenes we haven't seen. This means we will see more of these fantastic young actors! And possibly scenes like the Black Spot incident and even the birth of Pennywise ? which they cut out because of budget reasons. But this should not be the problem.

So, thanks for the review and that anecdote – but really: 9 in the morning you have running a rated R film in the theatres?? We where lucky to watch at 8:30 pm in the OV. I wanted to hear: "Here… Take it!"

Steve LoGrasso says:

I was actually a big Thinner fan by King. Think I'm alone on this.

Steve LoGrasso says:

Next remake is gonna be Pet Cemetery I heard.

Steve LoGrasso says:

Awesome story man. Sounds like my life.

Jason36 M says:

Great review Dave!!! I loved the new It i really enjoyed it my girlfriend almost broke my arm she was holding it so tight lol course she loved it too. I can't really decide which one I like better though cause Tim Curry was absolutely Amazing as pennywise but Bill skarsgard was good too actually he was better then what I thought he would be. The kids in the film was great also I can't wait to see the 2nd chapter really looking forward to that and also looking forward to getting this one on blu ray. Thumbs up Dave thanks for sharing your thoughts on It.

Thomas Rowe says:


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