Stephen King’s “IT” 2017 Fan Comic Book Review – The Horror Show

Stephen King’s “IT” 2017 Fan Comic Book Review – The Horror Show

Cecil & Fuego review a single issue Fan Comic Book showing the first scene from Stephen King’s “IT”!

The comic was made by Vincent Rush…find his work here:


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Hosts: Cecil Laird & Jaime En Fuego
Produced & Edited by Cecil Laird

Produced & Equipment/Studio by Steve Wargo & SWATHD.
Opening & Closing Logo Designs by Rolo Ledesma & Kristopher Anderson.

Music by Mark Mason & Peter Hall.



Min Ara says:

I would LOVE to buy this, I'm craving for a comic adaptation of IT and this looks amazing, but…I live in Germany so I can't ;_; but I think it's so cool that you support him and made a video out of this! I just discovered your channel through the IT movie review and it's a great channel, you might even get me into reading more Stephen King ^^

Shannon RaeVon says:

I'm heading over to check it out now ??

Aspie Media says:

He gets his arm ripped off in the 2017 film too.

BanzaiHD says:

Ordered a copy 😀

Vincent, if you're reading this, you got talent buddy.

Keep up the good work!

Poetic Nation says:

The Horror Show
:-O This comic is absolutely PHENOMENAL. I'm a HUGE comic fan (Started out as a hobby when I was a kid, and never went away, lol). This is so cool, I'm gonna order some copies, and oh, is IT alright if I share this video on my other social media sites, because I have a lot of friends who are not on Youtube, who are going to go ABSOLUTELY bananas when they find out that there is an IT comic book (They will probably want to grab a few copies each, like I do.)… 😀 P.S. I second that "Pet Cemetery" comic book idea (That book and movie, are already classics, so) that would be awesome).

Pop Nonsense says:

Love this, trying to hustle a couple of copies but there is no shipping to Scotland so I am trying to get them sent to someone I know in Canada to send on to me. Also, noticed Cecil saying about Bob Gray missing from the film, did you guys see the Bob Gray beer bottle Richie smashes at the end? Still catching up with all your IT videos so sorry of you covered that.

Mr.Ben'sWorld says:

The IT hype is real. I have my own critiques for the film but overall I still enjoyed it. That comic book is dope. Great job Vince!

DavesHadeNuFF187 says:

Also great video and channel as always.I watch this channel a lot,but don't comment all the time,but your channel and It stuff is a blast to listen to and I really enjoy It lol.Keep doing your thing and all the great content,later guys.

DavesHadeNuFF187 says:

That is cool as sh** lol.I would love to read that.That be awesome to have.I need to get my own copy of that.I would definitely love to have that comic,just saying.

Keith says:

Here are my Top 5 Stephen King Childhood Nightmare Fuels (no particular order), what are yours? Feedback is welcome:

IT (1990)- Georgie & Pennywise in the storm-drain.

Pet Sematary (1989)- Flashback of Timmy Baterman's resurrection + he & Bill Baterman's death in Bill's burning house.

Stanley Kubrick's The Shining (1980)- The bathtub woman.

1408 (2007)- The phone melting as numerous haunting voices speak.

Carrie (1976)- The Prom massacre.

Okie Jewels says:

Fantastic artwork! What an amazing talent!

Kiefer Grundman-Brady says:

Just got 3! I just want to say that i agree with Cecil 100 percent on this movie. It was unique and awesome. I have read the novel twice and i love it to death. The thing is, im so familiar with the source material that even if the movie was exactly like the novel i dont know that it would be scary to me, i would just be happy they did it. I agree with fuego, the original scared me more, but solely because of my age when i saw it. There's no friggin way anyone with a right mind on their shoulders would let a 6 year old watch the new one over the old campy one.

Anthony Kulik says:

Fucking cool guys

Johny Andrew says:

Very nice , very nice indeed ?

Derry Neibolt says:

Also there needs to be more horror comics (Michael Myers Freddy Krueger)and also King Comics!!! Seriously Vince Rush could make a shitload more money if he decided to read the book and draw up the rest of the chapters. There are so many artists out there how has there not been an IT FULL Graphic Novel or any other king graphic novels. If people were impressed by stick figures I would just do it myself, but the demand for stuck art is not very high haha

mariano gregorio says:

This looks great, I am a draftsman too and I can say that his style is very creative. I would really love to see dark horse or marvel put on an IT comic or another book by Stephen King . Stay Scaaaared

Derry Neibolt says:

There is still the IT Audible by Steve Weber please review that too!!! Also, could you do an IT characters list where you guys list your favorite characters from 10-1?? Then maybe make a video where you and your group dive deep into discussion about flashbacks/ plot for the second film. Third, could you also make an all time favorite characters/villains list since you've read every Steven King book? Lastly both of you should do a top ten list for adaptations you want to see/connected for the upcoming Kingverse( let's pretend Sony's Dark Tower doesn't exist)

Beth S. says:

I ordered 2 copies! Looks amazing

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