Stephen King’s “IT” 1990 Horror TV Miniseries Review – The Horror Show

Stephen King’s “IT” 1990 Horror TV Miniseries Review – The Horror Show

Cecil, Fuego & Marcia sit down to review the 1990 TV Miniseries based on Stephen King’s book, “IT”!


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Hosts: Cecil Laird, Marcia Parker & Jaime En Fuego
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Fhqwhgod Morloch says:

The mini series got me as a child, later I showed it to my cousin and he had nightmares after. I still love the series to this day and enjoy it on a whole other level.

Consuela Perry says:

I'm sorry but the miniseries was awful. I saw it for the first time a few weeks ago after finishing the novel and I thought it was unbearably cheesy. I didn't even finish the adult part.

Susan O'Fearna says:

IT never scared me, but most people I know's first scary clown was that damned doll in Poltergeist

Okie Jewels says:

Cecil…out of the King books you mentioned, I would pick the Shining as the best, but I agree with Jamie. Pet Semetary is very scary. Heart Shaped Box is a good, quick read with an interesting story. You should do a review of the one you pick.

Okie Jewels says:

Such a classic! I rewatched this recently. I wasn't as affected by it as I was as a child. I enjoyed the kids story, but the adults fell flat. The John Ritter nostalgia was there though. I'm excited for the movie and have high hopes.
The book is fantastic, but there are parts that feel bloated and weren't needed. It could have used a bit of an edit. Still one of the best coming-of-age horror stories ever written. Great review guys!

Kevin Ketchie says:

My favorite movie of all time. I've got a little something I'm uploading tomorrow that I worked extremely hard on that I think you guys might like – IT would be so dope if you checked it out. Be on the lookout! #YoullFloatToo

Beth S. says:

I was 10 years old when the miniseries came out, and I remember it scared me to death! I will be going to see the new movie with my 11 year old. Paying it forward! Don't worry she asked to see it and is a horror fan in the making! 🙂

Tom H says:

I saw the mini-series as an adult and was quite disappointed. I wasn't a fan of it being a tv movie, due to limitations at that time. Plus, as was pointed out, the commercials. They would suck any amount of suspense right out of the show. And I didn't like the use of so many tv stars as the adults. And the spider was laughable.

Really looking forward to the movie. Hoping to catch it Friday morning/afternoon. Good episode!

michele kelly says:

Tim Ried from WKRP In Cincinnati played the adult Mike Hanlon. Cecil fantastic suggestion for a show discussing the new IT adaptation vs the novel! Looking forward to tomorrow's review.

michele kelly says:

So agree with you Marcia. Here's hoping the new adaptation is more faithful to the book.

Rick Grimes says:

I honestly really enjoyed the mini series

Tundra Blue says:

Great review ? The miniseries is very dated, but I keep returning to it every year because I love Tim Curry and the kids storyline.

However, I am so excited about the new film. I hope it is more faithful to the book (which I reread back in June so it wouldn't be so fresh in my mind when I go see the movie). Looking forward to your book vs movie review ??

Liveapes Rule says:

The Shining Novel Is Awesome, Plus The Girl That Loved Tom Gordon

Liveapes Rule says:

Am I the only one who got scared when Belch came from under the bed?

Sydney Baker says:

Loving your videos! Just getting into Stephen King. Started with The Gunslinger. About to read It too. Thanks for the great reviews!

mauricio macias says:

Absolutely a great review. I very much enjoyed the fact that the viewer is capable of getting an opinion from both a reader and a non reader. Great sound quality and commentary. Keep up the great work!

Rowan Harkin says:

hobnobs and jaffa cakes

Drew Dennis says:

This movie went from being a spookfest in my childhood, to a guilty pleasure as I've grown up haha

Arcane Nebula says:

The most cringy part for me is when he's riding on the bike with audry…..

Zethrael of Teldrassil says:

No one can write kids better than Stephen King. No one can direct them better than Steven Spielberg. King and Spielberg never lost that part of themselves as adults.

Sarah Marcel says:

The shower scene terrified my sister. My sister ending being afraid of the drain whenever my mom unplugged it. She literally thought IT was going to come out of drain. Kinda hilarious. I really enjoyed the kid's stories more than the adult story. Of course it's probably because I related more to kids like you guys. I can still watch the first part happily even after reading the book because of the nostalgia.

Fnaffy universe says:


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