Stephen King GERALD’S GAME Book Review & Netflix Movie Preview – HAIL TO STEPHEN KING

Stephen King GERALD’S GAME Book Review & Netflix Movie Preview – HAIL TO STEPHEN KING

Hola fright fans!!!

THE HORROR SHOW’s Jaime’ En Fuego here to continue a presentation of HAIL TO STEPHEN KING with a book review of the frighteningly underrated GERALD’S GAME plus a preview of the upcoming Netflix film releasing on 9/29/17 directed by Mike Flanagan of HUSH, OCULUS & ABSENTIA fame .

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winston smith says:

Hail to the king fuego!love the show cheers from your friend in the squad!!!!

Shannon RaeVon says:

I read Gerald’s Game a looooong time ago. I’m tempted to read it again before I watch the flick. Yes it’s funny how when I first read it, I thought … “this will never be a movie” … and then low and behold, here it is. Definitely interested. ?? Thanks for the review Fuego ??

Nick Oakes says:

Love King, love Gerald's Game. Thank you so much for hail to Stephen King.

Can't wait for The Tommyknockers review.

Brooke Barnes says:

I think King may be a pedophile, what is his obsession with little girls and perversion?

Ralphieee says:

I just saw the movie, horror movies really dont scare me anymore with the overuse of jumpscares. This move is gonna keep me up tonight.

Lou Sytsma says:

Fantastic adaptation! Gugino and Greenwood – Mr. Nowhere Man himself – killed it! Flanagan is two for two on Netflix for this and Hush.

As for Mr. Mercedes – wow – can't agree. It's so fucking sloooooooooow! Very disappointed with it. That one has never got out of neutral.

Treadaway is the stand out.

Anthony Kulik says:

Geralds Game (netflix), was ok. Carla Gugino is gorgeous, stephen king is god, this channel rocks. PS, thank god for carla guginos boobs ??? lol haha..

Kevin Ketchie says:

Really wish I would've read this before watching but DAMN did I love it. "Death" was absolutely terrifying. Mike Flanagan makes another solid, solid horror film. Can't wait to see your review!

JB Jacobs says:

Love ya en fuego! You are such a sweetheart and a lot of fun! Thanks for this video and some great background. Also, I didn't know that Flanagan did Absentia. I LOVE that movie. It is so creepy. I am really interested in seeing Gerald's Game and love Bruce Greenwood and Carla, so can't wait.

Zethrael of Teldrassil says:

Terrific show, as usual. Have the best time in Chicago!

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